Hi-Tek Preps Hi-Teknology, Vol. 3, Targets the Mainstream

hi-tek.jpgProducer Hi-Tek, renowned for his work with underground and mainstream artists alike, is preparing to release his third solo LP, Hi-Teknology, Vol. 3: The Chip, this November through Babygrande Records. According to Billboard.com, Tek is looking to reach the 106th & Park and TRL crowds with the new project, while simultaneously staying true to his underground base. Speaking about the sound on the new album, the Cincinnati native described the production style as “poppy” and “upbeat and a little corny but still hot.” The Chip will feature guest appearances from Talib Kweli, Gorilla Zoe, Snoop Dogg, singer Estelle and MC Riz. Tek also revealed that he and Kweli are planning a follow up to their 2002 collaborative album Reflection Eternal: Train of Thought.

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  • Rich Arte

    Cincinnati Stand Up!!! Thats my nigga right there, hometown favorite…puttin the Nati on the map in the hip hop world. That nigga still be in the Nati too, iced out walkin the strip. Props to Hi-Tek

    Copp Hi-Teknology 3 when it drops!!!


    it is a shame that the mainstream has caught another real motherfucka, this time its tek, yo this dude and dirty flow, but now he change all that shit to put some fuckin poppy music out. Yo fuck any body who listen to radio pussy shit,. R.I.P hi-tek 2007… we lost another

  • Danny

    You know that nigga got bills to pay.
    Underground music is gone cause the bill collectors are calling

  • Trapbaby & Caddydaddy

    NATI! So his last two High Teknologies weren’t targeting the mainstream? Dont go more pop than you’re actually able to. We all cant have Premier and Polow success in the mainstream. I dont even know if he could pull tht bubblegum shit off.

    Touchdown has an official movement: M.O.B. (Money Over Babies) Get Yo Paper up before you stick yo dick in.
    Raw Doggin requires residual.

    Trapbaby and Caddy daddy
    Savannah Ga
    Touchdowny: We shit on niggas
    Catch Me While I’m a Local Nigga series
    fuck w/ da music

  • Cinsere

    Ummmm…Train of Thought was in 2000.

  • ri067953

    Yo, how you gonna call your music corny and still have the gull to put it out. See, tek is used to working with the likes of 50 and the aftermath camp so now he want’s to go all Timbaland on us. He better stick to the script cause his attempts at R&B never really caught the ear of anyone. Hopefully, Tek and Kweli can resurrect themselves with follow up to Reflection.


    Yeah man, ALWAYS loved Tek!!

    Get ya Paper Homie.

    Reflection Eternal

  • http://www.myspace.com/blyrikal Bones

    yo, if u think Hi-Tek never had R&B success….u must not ever heard of Jonell. Round & Round was a moderately successful hit and got A LOT of spins during the summer time. I think that was 2001. That happened with him not even tryin, just makin good music. He can definitely make poppy type beats and still keep his hi-tek sound. It’s all over Vol. 2. Listen to “Baby You Can Do It.” If he goes full force with his artist Dion, who’s gettin to work with maaad artists, he’ll be fine in the mainstream. Dion can pull a Ne-Yo, don’t know about his image, but the voice is better and the songs are almost as catchy. Just needs the righ timing.

  • Dan99

    The most underated producer, hi-tek 2 was the shit.

  • http://www.hotmail.com raoul

    The Chip (Hi-Tek’s second album) was one of the worst albums in the history of mankind. I’m pretty sure it must have flopped badly. That’s why our friend here needs to go mainstream and bring out some good shit.
    BTW, Curtis is much better than that Kanye shit. Kenghey has 4 nice songs on a 13 track album compared with 50 who has 12 dope cuts on a 17 track album. Def Jam must have done something pretty shady to win!!

  • T.R.E.Y.

    i dunno man, dude’s got good shit but lately his beats’ve sounded pretty wack. granted, the only high-profile tracks of his i’m aware of this year are those Young Buck and Kweli songs. still. pretty bad.

  • fireforreal

    Your right Reflection eternal was 2000 not 2002 let’s get the facts straight.

  • b-ease

    Reflection Eternal is a hip hop classic. The first Hi Tek Solo was pretty dope. The Chip sucked.

    Making your shit more mainstream is one thing, but calling your own shit “corny” is a real, real bad sign.