diddy-11.jpgAs previously reported on XXLMag.com, a new TV commercial for Sean “Diddy” Combs’ popular fragrance, Unforgivable, has been deemed too hot for the airwaves by MTV executives. According to the New York Post, the cable network has asked Diddy to make some edits that would allow them to air the spot, but so far the Bad Boy boss refuses to make the changes. The commercial features Diddy and model Jessica Gomez getting hot and heavy in a hotel room and stairwell. In the scenes, Diddy is shown pulling up Gomez’s skirt and putting his hands under her dress. Another shot features a woman holding Gomez’s breast and pulling down her underwear. In 2006, Diddy faced a similar backlash over a print ad for Unforgivable that pictured him lying in bed with two women.

Now that MTV has refused to air the spot, Diddy is releasing the commercial on the Internet in protest. “I feel strongly that this movie needs to be viewed and judged by the public rather than by executives,” Diddy says. “Some people may be uncomfortable with the sensuality and sexual content, but it is important for them to make that decision personally. Since we launched the Sean John brand 10-years-ago, we have taken chances and done many non-traditional things. This three minute movie is no different; it will revolutionize the way people view fragrances forever.”