Dame Dash Produced Nicky Barnes Biopic to Hit Theaters in October

dame-dash1.jpgFormer Rocafella boss Damon Dash is set to release Mr. Untouchable, a biopic on notorious Harlem drug lord Nicky Barnes, this October. The film, which was produced in conjunction with Magnolia Pictures, will tell the true life story of Barnes, a former heroin addict turned multi-millionaire drug lord in the Harlem section of New York City. Barnes is credited with creating The Council, a formidable organization of black gangsters that oversaw his drug operations. The filmmakers spoke with Barnes himself as well as former members of The Council to give the film an added air of authenticity. In 1977, the New York Times put Barnes on the cover of their magazine with the headline “Mr. Untouchable,” which also served as the inspiration for the film’s title. Later that year, federal authorities finally caught up with Barnes and he was convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to life in prison. After learning that his former business partners were stealing his money and sleeping with his wife, Barnes agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in an attempt to setup his former associates. In 1998, the former kingpin had his sentence reduced and was released after 21 years in prison. Famed producer Hi-Tek composed the score for Mr. Untouchable, which hits theaters on October 19.

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  • Mr S

    I’ll give this a shot…

  • dre from madrid

    o shit! looks ill with hi-tek production hahahah this is going to be so sick. cant wait for this shit.
    top 5 producers in the hip hop world right now. if you dont believe it buy a fucking album

  • Mr S

    oh yeah… 1st hoes

  • Mr S

    and then I get deleted?

    like I said, I’ll give this a shot

  • camron

    it’s goin be a hot summer doggie.

    get my fuckin pool in the back

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    Dame’s movie gam is not bad. the woodsman was pretty good. Paid in full was a classic. and we all know the State property franchise was the shit. the second one was funny as hell. i think dame gonna do his thing this time…as long as it don’t get leaked like how Paid In Full was….

  • Don Trapacino


    Agreed Paid in Full was a classic, but come on, State Property was a horrendous hip-hop movie in the same likeness as Master Ps truly awful Bout it Bout it and Da Last Don. All it was was a bunch of retarded rappers trying to live out some Scarface/Goodfella fantasy.

  • big doawg

    fuck nicky barnes fuckn snitch

  • Worley

    I’m glad to see Dame get his. That sh*t with Jigga was funky.

    Paid In Full is definitely a classic. State Prop 2 is hilarious. That n*gga Sparks is funny as hell. State Prop 1 was just straight ignorant. I’m definitely checking for this new joint though.

  • http://sohh.com TheRuler@SOHH.com

    dame has good taste in movie making. definitely seeing this

  • Abe

    2 things a very likely to happen with this film and one thing confuses me with this film.

    1. It will probably be pretty good if not great.

    2. It will probably get bootlegged liked a moter

    and third what confuses me is, why are they releasing it so close to American Gangster on Nov 2

  • Octane

    And this Sir is why Black America Loses! My people, why, why do we choose to glorify the negative.


    I’m glad to see my dude DAME doing something. Of course he would do the movie to Nicky Barnes but I hope he gets the right marketing to make this movie a success I’m going to see it. DEFinetly need to watch out for those bootlegs.

  • therealrob

    heard this flick is ‘gon be directed by Marc Levin.
    if you’ve ever seen ‘Whiteboyz’ or ‘Slam’ than you know his work.

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  • film critic

    Marc Levin does a good job, but shoud’nt hve let Nicky Barnes use this documentary to bash old friends and make excuses like Alpo did. However, you need to watch SUPERFLY: THE TRUE UNTOLD STORY OF FRANK LUCAS, THE AMERICAN GANGSTER. Anthony Gonzalez who worked with Troy Reed, has incredible insight of Frank Lucas as a SNiTCH!!! google superfly

  • TheDude

    What about all the garbage I hear about “Stop snitchin’”. This dude was a rat and turned on everyone in his crew. Think of all teh dudes doing time because of this guy, who wouldn’t have been doing sh1t if he didn’t snitch. And yet we are saluting this guy? I dont get it.

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  • Cheryl

    Yall gotta remember, Nicky Barnes’ back was against the wall. He was holding his tongue until he found out his so-called dogs, “The Council” was breaking all the rules and regulations they all agreed to never break from the rip. Mainly, the fact that one of them was doing his wife! That was definitely a no-no, one of their commandments. Shoot, if you don’t care about me, then, I won’t care about you either. I don’t see Nic as a snitch but as one who was doing what he had to do after folks he was protecting, apparently forgot about him and their code of conduct!

  • Truth Be Told

    Frank Matthews was the real Gangster and the Largest and he was straight outta Brooklyn and He got away with $$$MILLIONS$$
    So all that other stuff yeah its cool , yet recognize the real ! Frank Mattthews

    • http://www.myspace.com/williamsalaam T. L.

      Frank Matthews was from Durham, NC. Real talk. Brooklyn can claim him but real recognize real. The dirty got official G’s.


      • CB

        Like Michael Jordan is from Brooklyn. When Frank Matthews was running around NY a good portion of Black NY were first or second generation. So its not like he came to the 5Boros at 25 already formed. According to the various writings on the brother, however, one can probably make the case that he was a Philly guy.

        • Truth Be Told

          Yeah NC can claim him he did stop in Philly and had to leave cause of the Police yet He went to Brooklyn NY and ran numbers on Tompkins Avenue and then he got involved with the heroin and was based in Brooklyn and he claimed Brooklyn so He Claimed it . See when people migrate to New York they decided what Boro they will live in and Represent

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