dame-dash1.jpgFormer Rocafella boss Damon Dash is set to release Mr. Untouchable, a biopic on notorious Harlem drug lord Nicky Barnes, this October. The film, which was produced in conjunction with Magnolia Pictures, will tell the true life story of Barnes, a former heroin addict turned multi-millionaire drug lord in the Harlem section of New York City. Barnes is credited with creating The Council, a formidable organization of black gangsters that oversaw his drug operations. The filmmakers spoke with Barnes himself as well as former members of The Council to give the film an added air of authenticity. In 1977, the New York Times put Barnes on the cover of their magazine with the headline “Mr. Untouchable,” which also served as the inspiration for the film’s title. Later that year, federal authorities finally caught up with Barnes and he was convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to life in prison. After learning that his former business partners were stealing his money and sleeping with his wife, Barnes agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in an attempt to setup his former associates. In 1998, the former kingpin had his sentence reduced and was released after 21 years in prison. Famed producer Hi-Tek composed the score for Mr. Untouchable, which hits theaters on October 19.