Lil Kim Pulled Over for Driving Without License Plates

lil-kim1.jpgLil Kim was briefly detained by police in Manhattan on Thursday (August 30) afternoon for driving without her license or plates on her car. According to 1010 WINS, Kim was pulled over on the corner of 51st. Street and 11th Avenue in a black Lamborghini that she told them was a gift from somebody in California that she received that day. The cops discovered that a summons had been issued against the car in California when somebody was stopped driving it without license plates there as well. While the cops were investigating, Kim’s attorney arrived and the officers allowed him to drive the vehicle away. Kim was not issued any summons during the incident.

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  • Ghost Deini

    Great. We gon start with the Kim headlines now?

  • Blakjustice30

    Who cares about meaningless people? Is this the national inquirer or something?

  • brooklyn

    she’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

  • Dre

    who the fuck cares

  • WU

    Great 4rm foxy now to kim!! whose next Da brat

  • Redd

    Kim>foxy heard she was signing with interscope

  • stoner420

    i dont give a fuk

  • Mr S

    wait wait wait, can’t everyone see what just happened?

    this is history

    a black person got away with something, the movement begins

  • c.lox

    kim did a bid for 10 mths and they still fuckin wit her

  • mr kardashian

    ever heard of o.j. simpson?

  • wood grain grippa

    “Kim’s attorney arrived and the officers allowed him to drive the vehicle away”

    i wonder how much the lawyer got for that. thats the problem. we all to loud mouthed and when it comes to talking ourselves out of shit we need some well dressed motherf@*#er to do it fo us. its a pitty if you ask me

  • Jezuz Cryz

    When a rapper sign a deal, is it written that he/she has to be ignorant? That’s the feeling I’m getting. No plates? Stupid!!!

  • john

    so what? i had a dump this morning and clipped my toenails

  • Rocket 88

    Driving down the road without plates?

    Not the brightest honey in the land(though she does make one’s Johnson stand up).

  • ceeze

    yo yo…aint shit happoen to her…my girl foxy incarcarated all the way and u niggas talk about the bitch shinin with her new lambo? nigga please

  • Anonymous

    yo nigga shit aint fuck bitch car plates nigga cop bitch shit new lambo fuck gimme the with yo yo nigga crack

    ^See, I can rap too.

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