foxy-17.jpgAccording to the New York Post, Foxy Brown is being forced to eat her meals and take her recreation time alone due to unknown security reasons cited by a spokesman for New York City’s Correction Department. “She’s [alone] all day, every day,” inmate Donalay tells the NY Post. “They’re just keeping her away from everybody.” Teresa Pandolfo, an inmate who was placed in a cellblock near Foxy, also tells the Post, “Everyone who passes by looks at her. She’s usually sleeping or reading her books.” Pandolfo also says Foxy’s looks have taken a toll from her stay at Rikers. “Her hair looks like whoever did it ran,” she says. “That’s how much the weave is coming apart.” Through interviews with ex-inmates, the Post reports that correctional officers at Rikers have threatened inmates not to look or interact with Foxy. Regardless, “She’s friendly,” says Thomas. “She’s not uppity.” The Brooklyn diva is due back in court on September 7.