foxy-15.jpgAccording to website, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson this morning ordered that Foxy Brown be taken into custody until her next court hearing. Judge Jackson’s decision is likely a result of two separate incidents that the controversial rapper has been involved in over the last couple of weeks. On August 14, Foxy—who is already serving probation for a 2004 assault—was arrested on charges of assault, menacing and possession of a weapon after her neighbor claims the rapper assaulted her with her Blackberry cell-phone. The very next day, the Brooklyn native was pulled over in Mahwah, NJ for talking on her cell-phone while driving and disregarding a stop sign. When questioned by the police, she initially gave them an incorrect spelling of her name. She was later issued seven separate summonses and released on her own recognizance. It is not immediately clear where Foxy will be held, or when she is due back in court.