twista.jpgChicago native Twista has responded to a series of billboards that have been erected around the city that classify a number of rap artists and their music as “trash.” As previously reported on, the signs were commissioned and paid for by the Faith Community of Saint Sabina and single out artists such as 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and Twista himself. In his column on the Chicago Tribune website, the fast rapping MC noted that the fans of his and the other targeted artists music make a conscious decision to listen. He went on to say that hip-hop artists are simply incorporating what they see on the streets into their work and are being unfairly blamed for violence. “People need to stop blaming music for the things that go wrong because it's the people doing things that are doing them and not the music. The money from those billboards could easily be going to help make the schools in Chicago better, which will help make the city better,” he wrote.