Rev. Al Sharpton Announces Chicago Chapter of the National Action Network; Continues To Pursue Hip-Hop Decency Initiative

sharpton1.jpgOn Wednesday, August 1, Reverend Al Sharpton will be in Chicago at the historic Regal Theater to announce the formation of a Chicago chapter of his National Action Network (NAN). NAN is one of the leading civil rights organizations in the nation, working to promote a modern civil rights agenda in the United States. The newly formed Chicago branch is one of the 36 chapters of the National Action Network. The first initiative of the Chicago NAN branch is entitled The NAN Decency Initiative National Day of Outrage, which looks to ban the usage of words such as “nigga,” “bitch” and “ho” in hip-hop music. Rev. Al Sharpton will lead a protest in 20 cities, including Chicago on August 7, to call for the withdrawal of public investments from record companies that refuse to clean up hip-hop lyrics.

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  • f that

    fuck al sharpton all he do is blame hip hop fo everything, rape, dogfighting, misoginy, obesity, steroid using, fuck this dude, he turned on us blacks

  • http://xxl pssshh

    this dude wit the white people now, instead of worrying about the situation in africa or in the streets, he wanna blame hip hop for rape, gangbangin, obesity, steroids, misogyny, disease, cannabalism, he sold us out

  • LOL


  • derfla the hus’la

    fuck this dude main when did hiphop become the bad guy?

  • EReal


  • Rich Arte

    All my BLACK PEOPLE that are HAPPY TO BE BLACK…please take a minute to read listen to these real “brothers” tryin to uplift OUR CULTURE.


    educate yourself.

  • Frank

    fuck al sharpton ol uncle tom ass nigga

  • jay

    can u stop droppin al sharpton posts please!! unless it is 2 inform us that he has fully come out of the closet cuz he is a fag… ever post regarding him is the same shit.. hes gonna continue pursuit on hiphop WHO CARES!! FUCK HIM!!!

    please stop posting on him


    Al sharpton>>>>> billy sunday>>>>bol>>>>>house niggas

  • jreese

    Yo Al house nigga Sharpton is the fackest dude in the world.. Yo he’s tryin so hard to stop our freedom of speack rights that our people fought so hard to give us. Even if we as a people use so called degrading words its still our right. Hes fake as hell. Fight for something that will help our community like getting durgs off the streets getting our kids better schools to go to… The list goes on on better things he can be doing wit his time but no he reather be a house nigga and take away our freedom of speach.. Hey Al they never wanted us to have free speach thanks for tryen to set up back another 20 years you dumb fuck.


    If you have never depended on your art form of music and writing lyrics to get you through the hardest day of yourlife and as your main means of survival then you wouldn’t know anything about Hip Hop and it’s culture. What about the positive impact has on our youth. Hip hop is a way for the people who love it to be heard, recognized, and valued for their points of view. I do not agree with demeaning women or any culture with derogatory words such as nig– nor bit—, but let’s stop pointing the finger at the economically poverished group of people yet the most talent people in the world- and start looking at the underlining issues which matter most. If we take care of everyone…then there is bound to be a shift towards a more liberal and ethical foundation for new hip hop songs. What about all of the other music genres which speak negatively about women, etc. Let’s get real. Does anyone truly care about our tomorrow. I don’t agree with everything I hear…but no one has the right to censor what someone says out of their own mouth…no one…! We all have the ability to cut off our radios and not purchase a music c.d. Get real…find the real criminal whose endangering this planet earth we temporarily call home. Stop spying on innocent people and use those dollars to come up with real programs to help real people. Do you think that’s even possible? You decide.

  • me nigga

    fuck this fake ass perm head. niggas aint wore perms since the 80′s. wake yo dumb ass up

  • DARK

    EReal Says:

    July 31st, 2007 at 11:22 am
    fuck up efake u white bitch dis is black bussiness and doesnt need to concern u .
    but of course fuck al sharpton jesse jackson n dere bullshit wut civil rights momvent u talkin bout sharpton ur lettin tha whiteman control u around so ur punk sell out ass dont really stand for civil rights do u.shit bol,billy fagday,jesse fagson,Al fagparton r perfect examples of uncle toms who get on dere knees and suck da whitemans dick we need reel black leaders,we need to protect hiphop,from censorship,from prepatatraitin ass honky ass crakka ass wiggers,n other races like latinos,asains,n jews who try to front and prepatrait in OUR culture and heratige and uncle tom house niggers like fagparton,fagson,shit bol, billy fagday.

  • DARK

    oh yeah another thing to add sharpton why dont u pit a billion dollors for the black coumunity and brothas and sistas in africa who r in need of food u fuckin hipycrite,Why is it that the most nortorious all black gangs the crips and bloods brothas VS brothas continue to exsist and shootin and killin eachother out here in south central LA?more money was put towards sheltrin two rare elphants then to put an end to tha gang violence in south central and east LA.wut about da fundin to put an end to black on black crimes?or school fundings?fuck you sharpton whitemans slave.

  • http://xxl don’t worrie about it

    al sharpton needs to be real with himself.because with or without the world wiil sill be like this with all the bad things going on in the world and we really need more real black leaders then him .THANK YOU

  • BklynBandette

    I think everyone- including Rev. Sharpton- is sadly misinformed. What is he trying to do? Bring decency back to HipHop? HipHop has ALWAYS been decent. Rap Music Used to be decent until it starting whoring around with The Entertainment Industry. And HipHop & Rap Music have been separated since ‘Pac & B.I.G. died. So, in all reality, HipHop Is NOT the problem Here. Ignorance Is.

    Just A Woman’s Perspective.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me …

  • http://xxl don’t worrie about it

    you right about that right about that. thats real what you said.