kanye-west1.jpgKanye West and world famous daredevil, Evil Knievel, will attempt to settle a legal dispute over the use of Knievel’s image in Kanye’s video for “Touch The Sky.” According to the Associated Press, the two parties notified a federal judge on Tuesday (July 11) that they will bring the dispute before a mediator in order to avoid a trial. In Kanye’s video he assumes the persona of “Evil Kanyevel” and, while wearing a costume similar to the one worn by the legendary stuntman, attempts to jump a canyon on a motorcycle. Knievel saw the video as infringement on his trademarked name and likeness and said that the “vulgar and offensive” images in the video might damage his reputation. He then filed suit against ‘Ye, Roc-A-Fella Records and AOL for distributing the clip. Attorneys for Kanye have argued that the video was a form of satire, which is protected under the First Amendment.