Jay-Z Denies Involvement in 40/40 Wage Scandal

jay3.jpgAttorneys for Jay-Z and his business partner, “O.G.” Juan Perez, filed papers in federal court yesterday (July 30) claiming that the two men are merely shareholders in the popular sports bar, The 40/40 Club, and have no involvement in the nightspot’s day-to-day operations. In May a former waitress at the Manhattan bar filed suit against Jay and the club’s management claiming that she and other employees were paid below minimum wage. According to the New York Post, Jay’s lawyers assert that their client is being targeted “solely because Shawn Carter is a public figure and plaintiffs hoped to draw publicity to extract a quick settlement.” The papers further assert that the Def Jam president and Perez have “no role in payroll whatsoever,” and request that the lawsuit against them be dismissed.

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  • Ike Turner

    Bitches always trying to get yo bread!

  • derfla the hus’la

    talk about gold diggers I bet jay doesn’t even know this hoe why the fuck doesn’t she sue tha manager who hired her?

    jay is just the owner of the club he is pre-ocupied with other shit thats why he hired a manager in that club.

    so you cant blaim him bitch……..like T.I said there’ll always be bitchies, niggers and hoe’s in hood.

  • http://www.myspace.com/adnan_bigboz Vajla

    1st jay u got more money u could fucking feed china and ur not cutting the check u were just protecting ur investment talkin bout “at the 40 40 club espn on the screen” thats cause yo ass couldn’t even change the channel


    I hate to tell ya Hova, but if you’re on the board and taking profits , YES you are still rsponsible for all day to day operations. If you’re “responsible” enough to take the cash,then you are also accountable when you’re people are not running things right — that’s like saying those cats from Enron were not responsible — I’m not saying this is in any way the same thing as Enron — just the same principle.


    Damn jay, you worth 300 mil but you cant pay your workers?


    Rich get richer. Poor get poorer. Wow this the same dude that dropped hard knock life.
    Fuck Jay. Mark Cuban should start a label. I heard he pays his workers very well.

  • http://www.rich-arte.blogspot.com Rich Arte

    jigga what? jigga who?

    for some real news..go here

  • The Thinker

    Chances are this wouldnt even have made a major news headline if “jo-schmo” ran the night spot instead of jigga! But First off, it is very kommon that servers are not paid that well hourly bekause they make tips!!! DUH!!! So she doesnt even have a fukkin argument, she’s just winning and hoping that someone will be the fool and slide her a kouple of dollars for tuition or some shit!!! Beat it Bitch!!!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=12565 jay

    i hope this isnt true.. jigga has millions n millions.. n according to the bitch filing the suuit below mininum wage is under 7.15 in NY… thats sum cheap shit on hoves part

  • Kay B Tha Great

    THE GHOST Says:

    July 31st, 2007 at 10:57 am
    Damn jay, you worth 300 mil but you cant pay your workers?

    Just to correct you homie this nigga Hov is worth 570 million… and there is no possible way she was getting less than mininum wage because the city checks into all of that shit! And why she just now bitchin about this shit, when the article say she had been workin there since the end of 04′??? Take a good look fellas, Gold Diggers come in many forms!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    The American Way,



  • 99 Problems

    I GOT 99 Problems and a broke bitch tryin to gem my paper ain’t 1!!! Hit me, You Crazy 4 this Just! Just Blaze Uh! Uh Uhhh!!! The Roc Is in the Building! What more can I sayyyy!!

  • http://Rocafella 99 Problems

    I got 99 Problems and a broke sank bitch after my paper, ain t 1, You crazy for this 1 Just!! Just Blaze!! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! The Roc is in the Building! Ye what up? B! I see you baby, HOV!! Je Je Jea!!!What more can I sayyy?

  • http://jarredr_904yahoo.com JReese

    He got 99 problems and a Bitch is 1…..

  • http://www.yahoo.com u

    Jay Z you suck…your face looks like the pig ass in that pic bitch..we will bomb on you mother fucker…loser..haa!!!

  • RICO

    Africans need water so we can put their measely asses to work too! I need money for chapstick. Don’t you see the pussy sucking lips I inherited from my lesbo mother.
    Put ya chapstick in the air.

  • HollyHood

    Yall some mothafuckin haterz, go get some biznezz bout urself, use all they energy u usin 2 hate on go get some money!!!! 100!!

  • HollyHood

    Xxl don’t show me NO love!!!

  • real talk

    jay doesnt even own the 40/40 club like people thought he did. negro is just a shareholder.

  • Blackgirlfound

    Read the article it says J is just a shareholder. He does not own a significant portion! When you are the owner of a company you get sued, not just your employee (manager). Hov is barely worth 300 mill. GTFOH

  • mike

    When you slip and fall in front of a building, you just don’t sue the superintendent of the building, you also sue the owner of the building, for not hiring competent superintendents. Fuck you Jay-z, pay me. Niggahs probably hiring the baddest bitches too, for short money. Kid got close to 400 million. If niggahs that come from the hood end up like the same crackahs that shit on us daily, I don’t think we stand a chance. I guess that why our people be going dick out on motherfuckahs. Jay-z could get it too.

  • pete

    the waitress only worked at the restaurant for an extremely short period of time

  • @work_stunned

    Blackgirlfound, did you really just say that Jigga is ONLY worth 300 mil…

    Can I a job where you work?

  • RealTalkFromARealNigga

    thats where yall got the game twisted, jay dont even own the 40/40..he just gets paid 2 b the face of the club and he is a shareholder…he admitted that along time ago, its bout like when paris hilton gets paid to party at a particular club, it is what is is…

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