9th-wonder2.jpgFormer Little Brother producer, 9th Wonder, will take part in a new hip-hop series influenced by the acclaimed Bravo television show, Inside The Actors Studio. Spearheaded by 4Kings Entertainment, the show is entitled The Behind the Boards Series and is held bi-monthly at the Apache Café in Atlanta, GA. Just like Inside the Actors Studio, each episode of Behind the Boards revolves around a hip-hop artist or producer who chronicles their career and gives their take of the hip-hop culture and industry. Behind the Boards kicked off in June 2007 and featured the legendary producer Diamond D. Now, North Carolina native 9th Wonder will take part in the show on August 7 to discuss his career. “This is a monumental series for hip-hop,” says Andre Lett, President of 4Kings Entertainment. “This series speaks to the intellect of hip-hop fans while providing a platform to dispel myths that run rampant in the business of hip-hop. This series moves the producer to the spotlight while keeping them in an intimate and familiar setting.”

Besides his appearance on Behind the Boards, 9th is also busy working on two new albums — Dream Merchant Vol. 2 and The Wonders Years. In an interview with XXLMag.com, 9th expressed his desire to work with Lil Wayne for The Wonder Years album. “Lil Wayne is the epitome of somebody’s that’s current but somebody that’s real,” he told XXLMag.com. “He can rap and I don’t think he gets the props he deservers. Like Buckshot would say, he’s a flowologist. That’s what’s always been important in hip-hop is flow.” The Wonder Years will be released in 2008 on It’s A Wonderful World, 9th’s new label on Asylum Records.