Owner of the Minnesota Twins Buys Hip-Hop Radio Station

b-96.jpgCarl Pohlad, owner of the Minnesota Twins Major League Baseball team, is now in the hip-hop broadcasting business. According to the Associated Press, the billionaire is set to hand over 28 million to Radio One Inc. for KTTBFM, or B-96, a hip-hop station in Minneapolis. Pohlad, who recently launched Northern Lights Broadcasting, is looking to get into the radio business and the purchase is his first major move in that direction. Steve Woodbury, president and CEO of Northern Lights, says that he has been tasked with finding other radio and TV stations with potential and starting a small media group. According to Woodbury, B-96 will retain its hip-hop format and all on-air personalities will remain.

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  • JPP

    It’s a very loose statement to claim that B96 is a “hip hop” station. At one time it was, but now it is all hip-pop

  • JPP

    It is a very loose statement to call B96 a “hip hop” station. At one time it was but now it is all hip pop

  • EReal

    This matters to us why?

  • lil joker

    datz cool, i live in st.paul so i listen to B96, the hottest hip hop station around!!

  • mr.cool

    mpls is where its at. but b96 is a weak ass station. 612 bitches

  • rick

    763 FUCKA

  • MNballa22

    B-96 is hot garbage, everyone in minnesota needs satellite radio cause they play the same song (Im a flirt) every ten mins

  • http://wwww.yahoo.com Streets Is Watchin

    this is only news in minnesota…and i bet they gives a fuck about this anyway

  • Gombers

    B96 is trash, KDWB is trash also. Just what we need..another D bag that’ll change it around


  • http://myspace.com/holysmokes paychexx

    that even worse i live in minnesota. it like the radio station has only 4 songs, only peter parker play real shit.

  • http://billigurlaubtuerkei.net billig urlaub tuerkei

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