One hit wonder, Paperboy, Arrested on Marijuana Charges

paperboy.jpgIn 1993, Oakland, CA rapper, Paperboy, scored the only hit of his career with his gold single, “Ditty.” The song, which sampled Zapp’s R&B classic, “Doo Waa Ditty (Blow That Thing),” propelled his debut album, The Nine Yards, to platinum status. Since then, Paperboy has faded in obscurity, releasing two forgettable albums, City to City (1996) and The Love Never Dies (2004). Yesterday, however, Mitchell “Paperboy” Johnson was arrested in Merced, CA for allegedly selling marijuana. According to the Merced Sun Star, Johnson, 34, was pulled over in his black 1990 Honda Accord on the 2900 block of G Street. He was charged with possession and sales of marijuana, possession of more than one ounce of marijuana and transportation of marijuana for sale. Paperboy is currently in Merced County Jail and his bail was set at $20,000.

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  • damn!

    thats crazy 20k for bail for an 0.. haha fuckin states crazy on canada that aint shit

  • damn!

    thats crazy man 20k bail for an 0… the states is crazy on weed… in canada that aint shit u can get caught with a P and brush it off




  • rizzo

    anybody can get it. shit is real and times are hard.

  • EReal

    Damn, dude went platinum and he’s rockin a 1990 honda accord?


    to add insult, you str8^ air dude out as a MIMS / J-Kwon.

  • Larry Brite


  • jamie

    dang man ditty was my jam!

  • First

    first bitches broke ass nigga

  • DANJA29

    wooooow @ him pushin’ a ’90 Accord.

  • First

    first bitches

  • Danny

    To be honest I always thought Chingy was another Paperboy when he first came out…

    Unfortunately I was wrong…

  • RealTalkFromARealNigga

    niggas dont know what to do wit they money!! nigga was a platinum artist and now he 34 pushin a 90 accord!!! either he fucked off his money thinkin it would never come to an end, or he signed some fucked up ass contracts that have absolutely no royalties coming to him

  • crazy

    20k bail for an 0.. what a joke states is crazy that aint shit in canada

  • Automatikk

    LMFAO my whip is better then the Platnum status nigga

  • traebizz

    A 1990 honda Accord? Platnum artist,sellin weed?


  • sam

    haha…accord. Not that there’s anything wrong with the accord. reliable auto.


    how the hell you get a 20,000 bail for 1 ounce of weed

  • Young L

    i dont remember this nigga

  • Dat N.I.G.G.E.R.

    I don’t remember the nigga neither, and I’m a hip-hop nigga.

  • A-Town

    Damn, times are hard. Also get an education cuz this rap shit has slowed down!!!

  • doctor69

    who is he again hahhahahahahahha

  • diditallj

    hey homeboy keep ya head up it can happen 2 any hustla

  • Firre

    $20,000 for a circle?

  • Streets Is Watchin

    who in the fuck is this cat and why would i or anybody else (not related to him) give a fuck

  • YyyIt’sAC

    1990 Honda Accord…? Eww

  • jonjon-23

    Very reliable automobile; I have a 1999 Accord.

  • YyyIt’sAC

    Yeah ok JonJon-23 I hear u but if u had a one hit wonder would u still whip it? Honestly

  • the Brown

    Do a biddy if you…want too!
    One hit idiot.

  • JoeVyoubeezy

    I’m from atwater the town above merced. It’s pretty sad if you went platinum and driving a honda accord. I don’t sell records and I got a 95 coupe.

  • Stax On Deck

    How da hell you go from platinum to broke I will never fucking understand. These niggaz better start learning how to invest or get into real estate….

  • white boy

    yeah man i had a friend who got pinched with a quater pound and scales and shit and got realease with no bail on his own recog

  • Clipz

    You gotta be the STUPIDEST mafucka alive to get caught with drugs…stupidest mafucka alive. And then get pinched for a fuckin O, WTFFFFFF is this world comin to

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