foxy-13.jpgAfter receiving a favorable probation report less than two weeks ago, Foxy Brown has apparently missed a meeting with her probation officer and received a warning. According to the New York Daily News, a note was left at Foxy’s Brooklyn brownstone advising her to show up at her probation appointment today, and warned that "Failure to do so may seriously affect your probation status." The troubled rapper was scheduled to meet with her probation officer on Friday (June 22), one day before police say she was robbed near a Brooklyn housing project, but skipped out on the appointment. On June 14, Fox Boogie was praised by Judge Melissa Jackson and had the probationary restrictions imposed on her by the court eased.

Meanwhile, Foxy’s new manager, Chaz Williams of Black Hand Entertainment, denied yesterday that Foxy was beaten and robbed of her handbag at the Louis H. Pink housing project in East New York section Brooklyn early Saturday morning. According to police, the rapper was attacked and robbed by a group of prostitutes after she broke up with an unidentified ex-boyfriend upon learning that he was a pimp. On Sunday (June 24), she denied the incident to the New York Post, and chalked the report up to a case of mistaken identity. In a report published on Monday (June 25) MTV News confirmed that Foxy, whose real name is Inga Marchand, had in fact filed a police report in Brooklyn on the day in question. Yesterday, Chaz and representatives for Foxy showed reporters a Louis Vuitton bag, an American Express Black Card and a diamond ring as proof that she was still in possession of the items that were reportedly stolen from her. “We know nothing about any pimps, prostitutes, or boyfriends," Williams said of the incident.