foxy-121.jpgAs previously reported on, Foxy Brown was allegedly attacked by a hooker, Roshawn Anthony, on June 23 near the Louis H. Pink Houses in East New York, Brooklyn. The situation occurred after Foxy allegedly broke up with her boyfriend, Timothy Collier, 33, after learning he was a small-time pimp. Collier then called on three of his hookers, one of them being Anthony, to assault Foxy. According to the New York Daily News, Fox Boogie cooperated with the NYPD at first, driving around the Brooklyn neighborhood in an unmarked police car in order to point out Anthony as one of her attackers. Anthony was then hit with robbery and assault charges, and was placed in Rikers Island on $50,000 bail. Since then, however, Foxy has refused to cooperate with the police and now her assailant is walking free. The Daily News has reported that yesterday (June 28), Foxy refused to testify to a grand jury about Anthony or her ex-boyfriend, Timothy Collier. Since the law prohibits suspects from being held in jail for more than 120 hours unless an indictment is filed, the NYPD was forced to release Anthony. Prosecutors still have six months to win an indictment against Anthony, but only if Foxy cooperates.