72188156.jpgDr. Benjamin Chavis has been appointed the CEO of H3 Enterprises, the first publicly traded hip-hop company. Over the past 40 years, Chavis has served as the Executive Director and CEO of the NAACP and is currently the co-founder and President of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) with Russell Simmons. Now, Dr. Ben will lead H3 and their new business franchise, HipHopSodaShops. The store, which is currently launching in St. Petersburg, FL, is a hip-hop influenced shop that will sell a variety of new products, including an energy drink, Ben Gordon’s BG7 White Tea Energy Blast, other healthy foods and beverages, video games and music. “The HipHopSodaShops can quickly become one of the single greatest forces for job creation, inner city revitalization, and equal access to quality education,” Chavis says. “It also will provide investment opportunities for every generation, and a productive combination of entrepreneurship, cyber entertainment, and youth leadership development the world over.” While the opening of the first HipHopSodaShop in St. Petersburg is still under construction, Dr. Ben is confident his vision for H3 Enterprises will be profitable. “My vision for H3 is to lead the company forward to become the most profitable, community conscious brand in the world,” he says. “We will utilize the magnificent talents of some of our greatest athletes, artists and entertainers to fulfill the economic aspirations of the hip-hop generation. We will educate our youth about the benefits and power of investments and ownership, and about the tremendous economic opportunities that lie ahead for all of us.”