Young Jeezy Arrested in Atlanta for Disorderly Conduct

jeezy-13.jpgYoung Jeezy, whose real name is Jay Jenkins, was arrested early Thursday morning outside of the Strokers strip club in Atlanta. While details are sketchy, Mikki Jones of the Dekalb County Sheriff’s office confirmed the arrest to Apparently the rapper got into a verbal dispute outside of the club and was taken into custody on a disorderly conduct charge. He was held for several hours before being released on $280 bond.

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  • texas

    mayne! bet it was live at that strip

  • adam A>F>G

    probably he flashed his gat or sum shyt like dat…..cuz po po’s cant arrest da man dem for jus a verbal dispute

  • phunk

    1st bitches!

    Jeezy .. stay out the trap nigga.. make that money

  • haahah

    that shits funny $280

  • Beav

    280 bond? da fuck? but real talk texas, lol musta been fire over there XD

  • Smokey McPot

    AWww, what a tough guy he wouldnt go through the metal detectors so he got hemmed up. Next time play nice or itll keep happening, keep yo trap moving. (god thats a horrible, HORRIBLE song)

  • outya’self


  • j.rock

    fuck that publicity stunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B Seals

    That seven hours of jail time was a waste. All they had to do was come up to Jeezy and be like “Yo, that’s disorderly conduct right there. That’ll be $280…”

  • $NoWmAn

    co sign B SEALS. j.rock u a ass.

  • Stack$

    jeezy ma nigga fuck a hater homie. stay gettin dat money. but shit dont b trickin in em stripjoints. one

  • crown_holder23

    dude crazy he got thick ass keisha cole with then thick lips and he at the strip club that big head nigga crazy

  • Ziggy

    who said he was trickin in da joint…

  • Tre 6 G

    U trippin cuz. Fuc them hoes get that money man!!!

  • Stack$

    no offense dawg, but what the fuck else niggaz b duin at the strippers? @ZIGGY

  • Tha Ace

    man nobody care about jeezy’s repeatative ass anyway he a funny lookin non-rappin joke to the hip hop community

  • Max Power

    Wow….you all sound retarded – you have a computer and can read so obviously your not illiterate but you try to sound as dumb as possible when you type as if STUPID is cool – give it up

  • lil bankhead

    dam his first arrest not 4 dope “but” disorderly conduct.

  • lil bankhead

    money ova bitches such a easy discision……

  • Thug City Goonie

    po po’s hattin because he just made that cold summer Cd

  • bentrilldsb.imeem. c o m

    said im corporate thuggin cte til the day i die thas the way its gon b

  • young bull from the back block (early)

    i wiil rob jeezy bitch ass trap or dick nigga

  • Ziggy

    yo stacks….. im up in da club 3 days a week nigga….i aint eva spent one fuckin dolla on a girl….i collect the chedda nigga….youz a trick.

  • ANGAwood

    Gone On that Grey Goose Higher then a Pelicon, of course he did what he did, he was juiced up on da goose, ive caused enuff shit with the goose flyin aroun in meeee, MMmm MMm Vodka

  • YUNG

    Yo ziggy is gay every page I got 2 niggaz talkin down on u u need 2 shut da hell up bra

  • Ziggy

    yung….what are you some fagget nipper in the hip hop game like jin….i hate you guys

  • Ziggy

    yung fin to jump on ziggys dick too….i cant believe theres that many haters on here…lol you guys are funny as hell

  • EReal

    Man He stays in the hood and yall tell em to stay out the hood, but if he stayed out the hood yall would call him a fake ass studio rapper. Make up your mind you crab barrell ass nukkas.

    Shit platinum rappers need lap dances too.

  • Stack$

    dont start no beef on a fucking website son. get at me onda real and i swear ima heat yo ass up, nigga. @ziggy

  • Stack$

    u sum sorta jeezy dick ryda or sum? oh i get it jeezy and ziggy sorta rhyme. fuck u ziggy

  • steaddy loccin

    maan cuz these niggaz dont feel that jeezy maan that crippin 2 da fullest