George Foreman Jr., the eldest son of former boxing heavyweight champion, George Foreman, is investing in Brilliant Entertainment, a new music company that provides distribution and promotion for independent artists and labels. In addition, Foreman Jr. is launching his own record label with his brother, George III, under Brilliant Entertainment. George Jr. will focus on signing classic R&B groups, while George III will concentrate on rock, alternative, pop and hip-hop. “I believe that there is a solid opportunity in the record industry for both independent labels and emerging acts,” George Jr. says. “Our investment and participation in Brilliant will allow us to exploit this opportunity and bring further value to our investment portfolio.” Ron Kyle, CEO of Brilliant, is also ecstatic about their new partnership. “Having an association with the Foreman family through George Jr.’s investment will provide Brilliant with many important benefits, including access to direct marketing expertise, to new investors and to the extensive contacts of the Foreman family in sports and entertainment,” Kyle said. “We’re honored to have the Foreman name attached to our growing enterprise.”