snoop.jpgAccording to CBC News in Canada, the city of Lethbridge, located approximately 200 kilometers south of Calgary, is displeased with Snoop Dogg after the Long Beach native allegedly smoked weed on stage during a concert in January. As a result, the Lethbridge City Council is proposing to tighten their concert rules. The council proposed on Monday (April 30) that performers would have to leave a deposit with the city and behave accordingly on stage in order to get their money back. “We saw it as a real affront to our community,” says the city’s mayor, Bob Tarleck, about Snoop’s concert. “We saw that as a group of entertainers who thought that they could come in and just ignore — totally ignore — the rules of our community.” While the city is upset, others, such as Colleen Van Raalte, a concert promoter at the University of Lethbridge, think the incident is being overblown. “I mean, it’s buyers beware,” Van Raalte told CBC News. “People know, I think, what they’re getting into when they purchase tickets and go to a show like that.” In the end, Mayor Tarleck did say he would allow Snoop to perform again as long as he followed the rules.