khujo_mercury.jpgGoodie Mob’s Khujo will release his second solo album, Mercury, this summer on KOCH Records. The album will feature guest appearances by Big Gipp, T-Mo, Sean P. of the Youngbloodz, Trae and production by Phive Starr, Get Cool, Soul Eternity and Bingo. “This album will be thought provoking,” says Khujo. “I owe it to my people to give them that Khujo from ‘Cell Therapy.’ I made sure I brought him with me. It’s the same thing, but a different look. I think this Mercury album can go next to a Lil Jon, 50 Cent or UGK record.”

Harlem Hip-Hop Tours (H3 Tours), a premier tour company based in New York City, has launched a new experience for travel goers to experience hip-hop culture. Labeled as the Black Culture Tours, the package, which ranges from $30 to $90 per person, takes visitors on a journey throughout Harlem. Participants will visit historic attractions, such as the Cotton Club, Apollo Theater and Striver’s Row, as well as famous recording studios used by hip-hop stars. “We want to give visitors unprecedented access into African-American culture and way of life in New York City,” says Adrienne Smith, CEO and co-found of Harlem Hip-Hop Tours. “We hope that these tours will encourage a newfound understanding of a culture that millions of people around the world are fascinated by and embrace.” Also included in the tour are trips to one of Harlem’s top beauty salons, hip-hop dancing lessons and a “slanguage” class where participants get to learn hip-hop slang. For more information on H3 Tours, visit

According to the Gazette Online, Charles Warthan of Chattanooga, Tenn., was charged with fraud on Tuesday (May 29) in U.S. District Court in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for promoting a false concert featuring Chamillionaire, Ciara and Chris Brown. The scam took place in Dubuque, Iowa, where Warthan stole more than $18,000 last summer when he arranged for a local radio station and music store to sell tickets for the fabricated concert. But a week before the concert was supposed to happen, Chris Brown’s publicist called the Dubuque County Fair Association to inform them of the scam. Warthan was subsequently arrested on June 28 and now faces up to 20 years in prison.