Quick News on Foxy Brown, Mistah F.A.B. and Chamillionaire

foxy-14.jpgAccording to Billboard.com, Foxy Brown will release her long awaited album, Black Roses, on September 6. The LP will not be released on Def Jam Records, instead, it will come out on Foxy’s new label, Black Roses. “This album is going to be a lyrical testimony to everything I’ve gone through and survived the last couple of years,” Foxy tells Billboard.com. “It’s just incredible.” While details about the album are still sketchy, Foxy says she wants to work with Jay-Z, Spragga Benz and Baby Cham. In order to hold fans over until Black Roses, the Brooklyn MC will also release a new untitled mixtape in June.

Bay Area MC, Mistah F.A.B., will debut at No. 177 on Billboard’s Top 200 Charts this week for his new album, Da Baydestrian. This is the first time an independent rapper from the Bay Area has cracked the Top 200 in over five years. The album also debuted as the No. 3 hip-hop album on iTunes, No. 7 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart and No. 17 on Billboard’s Rap Chart.

As previously reported on XXLMag.com, Houston’s Grammy award winning MC, Chamillionaire, joined with Energizer to find new, unsigned talent in the Energizer e2 Titanium Technology Freestylin’ Music Contest. The contest took place between March and April, in which aspiring artists uploaded a two-minute freestyle to Energizer’s MySpace page. Last week, the contest ended and the winner — San Francisco MC, C-Tru — was chosen by Chamillionaire. As the grand prize winner, C-Tru performed with King Koopa on Sunday, May 20 at DUB Magazine’s 2007 Custom Auto Show & Concert in Atlanta, GA. “Meeting Chamillionaire and spending time with an artist who’s out there telling the truth through music, just like I am, is an opportunity of a lifetime,” says C-Tru. “Energizer’s support and respect for the music scene made this happen. I’m truly grateful.”

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  • http://www.myglobaloutlet.com Severe

    bout time foxy came out wit somethin new

  • kandy

    love u foxy

  • j.rock

    Guess who’s back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com billblackfish


  • B Seals

    C-Tru? No disrespect homie, but you probly wanna change that name 4 u continue wit that hustle…

    I mean c’mon, Fabolous/Mistah F.A.B., Lil’ Wayne/Lil’ Flip/Lil’ Whoever, Young (insert favorite rapper’s name here). Too many dudes with too many same sounding names…

    U guys need to get together with managers and hash out alternatives, word. Your name is a big part of your whole image. Don’t get confused wit Tru-Life dawg.

  • Dr Flav

    Def Jam lost.

  • Big Chops

    Like it was a surprise to anybody that she would’nt drop anything on Roc-A-Fella or Def Jam. She’s washed up and Jigga knows that, that’s why she got dropped

  • steve

    how does foxy know the album is going to be “just incredible” and “wants” jay-z and others on the shit? this from the mind of a bitch that beats people up over nail jobs and weave glue. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Stack$

    shit 4 the first time yall dint go on that first shit. finally growin up. word

  • http://xxlmag dat boi dates


  • crown_holder23

    foxy need to give the rap game up and come to georgia so i can start her adult film career….i’ll make her rich baby u know how many dudes would line up to do everything sexually with her chocolate ass just a thought…

  • Duece

    A I aint got beef wit no1 its all DUECE right here but B SEALS is right that homie C-Tru needs 2 change the name cuz he might get confused wit C-Bone or TRU-LIFE or sum1 else n even a dispute cuz peeps r stoupid these days n will start stuff 4 nuthing but yea if u read this consider it I think the only person who likes beef is 50 n he culd take a bullet or 2 or 9. N Foxy I never herd her rap a day of my life but Im glad she doin her thang n she makin a comeback jus stop beating-^ peeps its bad 4 the image.Mistah F.A.B. I luved his MySpace page it had all his songs n they were hot so no beef there. But ^s 2 Chamillionaire n Energizer cuz its stuff like this that’ll make the next supastar so good job well I guess that it so Ima jet DUECE!!!

  • makaveli_707

    Who gives a fuck ? Foxy has been known for her bullshit run in’s with the law and is trying to get paid off that. I know the media hypes shit up no question but damn can any rapper take responsibility for when they fuck up. Spitting at someone and throwing hair glue ? I guess that’s what’s considered gangsta huh? Can her and a long list of rappers who use to flow with passion take that same passion and hunger they have for blaiming everybody else for there issues and bring out quality music shit you get paid for it.

  • Kal

    the Energizer e2 Titanium Technology Freestylin’ Music Contest


  • Ballsack Johnson


  • fat boi cal



    The GAME – Black Democrat
    Tupac & Biggie – Runnin Remix


    Produced by Zee

  • Cuban Link

    lol he probably sucks.

  • Face Phoenix

    Foxy who? Oh yeah she hasn’t put out anything anybody cares about in at least a decade and now she thinks she has something to spit. How about this – I’ll pay her not to rap, not to be a dumdum and last but not least not to try and keep it real.

    PS – Why are we still getting updates on someone who used to be FAMOUS and didn’t write most of her rhymes (ghostwriters – Jay-Z,Nas & Shyne)!

  • Yamajesty

    Lol Foxy go Flopy ._. >_