Memphis Rapper, Tela, Wanted for Unpaid Child Support

tela.jpgRapper Tela, a Memphis native, is wanted in his hometown for some $128,000 in unpaid child support. According to a report from Memphis’ Eyewitness News, Tela—whose real name is Winston Rogers—has failed to pay support in over five years. The warrant was issued after he failed to appear in Memphis & Shelby County Juvenile Court to explain the reason for the lapse. “We’ve been looking pretty much everywhere trying to identify where he is or where he might be,” says Mitch Morgan, Child Support Director of the Memphis & Shelby County Juvenile Court. “Even to the extent where we thought he was going be here doing a concert in Memphis.” Tela’s attorney, Arthur Horn, attributes his client’s failure to pay to a lack of income over the last five years due to a dispute with his record label. According to Horn, the issue has now been resolved and Rogers plans to return to Memphis soon and “clear up the mess.”

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  • jeez-he-sux

    damn i doubt that dude would have a hundred g’s man

  • tone loc

    SHO NUFF!!

  • Deez Nutz

    Damn Ho’s in the club took all his money…lol…i love that damn song…i think that was jazzy pha’s 1st big single

  • Caine

    Damn, looks like my nigga need to start back pimpin…

  • Worley

    Wear your condoms no matter what she says or how long y’all been together. Condoms cost much less than child support. And if you piss her off she’s coming for that paper.

  • B Seals


    Word up….

    otherwise I guess it really is cheaper to keep’her, huh?


  • Stack$

    damn i hopes i neva gotta pay child support.

  • stoneyisland

    Real men support their kids, no if ands or maybe about the shit. Even if your babies mama is a supreme bitch and most are, what does that have to do with you taking care of your seed? Yeah the systemis fucked up and some chicks use kids as a payday but if you out there fucking chicks without rubbers then muthafucka thats your slip up, do the right thing, sell one of them damn chains or watches and feed your kids you stupid muthafuckas!

  • Cameron

    Man, a $128,000?

    Well here’s to wearin’ a rubber & and sparing yourself and wallet a lot of grief.

  • Atl’s own

    i bet he “tied of ballin’” now!

  • Atl’s own

    i bet he “tied of ballin’” now!


    I’m from Memphis and I never heard of this nigga. He aint payin cuz he aint got no moneys. Bitch ass motherfucker.

    Damn I killed two police last week and they still aint caught me (cough) you know I’m just fuckin with you right…

  • fireforreal

    Damn Tela. I was wondering what happened to that cat,he could spit also now he just splits like pachoooooom

  • traebiz

    UHHH OHHH Says:

    May 26th, 2007 at 4:19 pm
    I’m from Memphis and I never heard of this nigga. He aint payin cuz he aint got no moneys. Bitch ass motherfucker.

    What next MJG or 8 Ball, Buck Three six
    You must be like 13

  • CC

    Man I know the woman that is his baby momma. She is from Houston and she now lives in L.A. He is lucky to had even slept with her she is a beautiful bi-racial girl and she had is daughter and they were married but are now divorced. He was even stalking her at one point!!

  • SS

    All these bitch made ass niggas haten on TELA need to stop!!! Cuz none of yall can do what he has been putten down in the past. An if u could yo hoe ass wouldnt be on here haten on that man.Maybe yall mad or broke and know yall will not be that great in yall life. Yeah I said bitch!!! AN im from Houston TX straight out of South Park. If any problems come to Dead End on MLK I anit hard to find just ask for SS you haten ass niggas!!! Now Run Tell That Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • **

    He got plenty of kids who he dont take care of he got a 13 year old (his first child) , who he dont pay child support for or even talk to!!!!!!! He is a MESS , SMH!!!