hieroglyphics.jpgCalifornia’s legendary independent hip-hop group, Hieroglyphics, will release their own premium men’s denim line, Hiero Jeans, this August. “We can’t keep our t-shirts and other Hiero paraphernalia on the shelves — it’s time to offer fans more with high end, top-of-the-line ‘fits,” says group member and co-owner of Hiero Jeans, Casual. “We’ve received strong interest from buyers and stores all around the world. It’s an exciting time!” The Hiero denim line will feature four different designs, including an organic jean, a resin-coated jean, a soft grey denim and an all-black formal “Phantom” jean. Also included are silk-screened lyric quotes from various Hiero members on the insides of the jeans. “Hieroglyphics has been setting the standards for underground hip-hop since the 90’s, especially here in the Bay Area,” says Charles Lyle of Blazon Entertainment, who coordinated the production of the clothing line. “With their creative minds and vision, a clothing line just seems like a natural fit. I can’t wait to get some myself.” Hiero Jeans will debut this August at the fall MAGIC convention and will be available at exclusive boutiques, retails stores and online at www.hierojeans.com. New Hiero t-shirts and sweatshirts will also be available, as well as a woman’s line in 2008.