def_jam.jpgOn a recent trip to a Charlotte, North Carolina high school — Myers Park High — Def Jam Records and their promotional team handed out free gifts, such as umbrellas, posters, lip-gloss and CDs. But according to, the school, as well as student’s parents, complained that CDs with vulgar lyrics were handed out without their approval. The trip by Def Jam’s promo team, which was approved by the school, was supposed to be a reward for students with good behavior. But according to Assistant Principal Carlos Grant, “They handed out some things that we were not aware of, definitely vulgar.” Subsequently, the school banned Def Jam from the campus and sent out phone calls to student’s parents letting them know what happened. “I don’t think they’d be very happy at all,” Grace McEwen, a student told WCNC. “My mom would probably complain.” McEwen’s mother, Grace, feels the school’s intentions were in the right place and blames the Def Jam promo team. “I think the school did it [in a] well-intentional manner,” Grace McEwen told WCNC. “I’m not upset with the school. I’m upset with the individual who took advantage of the situation.”