Def Jam Records Upsets North Carolina High School

def_jam.jpgOn a recent trip to a Charlotte, North Carolina high school — Myers Park High — Def Jam Records and their promotional team handed out free gifts, such as umbrellas, posters, lip-gloss and CDs. But according to, the school, as well as student’s parents, complained that CDs with vulgar lyrics were handed out without their approval. The trip by Def Jam’s promo team, which was approved by the school, was supposed to be a reward for students with good behavior. But according to Assistant Principal Carlos Grant, “They handed out some things that we were not aware of, definitely vulgar.” Subsequently, the school banned Def Jam from the campus and sent out phone calls to student’s parents letting them know what happened. “I don’t think they’d be very happy at all,” Grace McEwen, a student told WCNC. “My mom would probably complain.” McEwen’s mother, Grace, feels the school’s intentions were in the right place and blames the Def Jam promo team. “I think the school did it [in a] well-intentional manner,” Grace McEwen told WCNC. “I’m not upset with the school. I’m upset with the individual who took advantage of the situation.”

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  • SaN

    1st bitches

  • SaN

    1st homos

  • AR

    stupid shit

  • homoluver

    1st homos

  • ol

    this is so gay why is this posted.

  • Iceberg Slimm

    Its called fuckin high school

  • Mr Manish707

    thats def jam bad right there… come on give those kids edited CDs and stop being stupid you know they reporting everything hip hop does why even give them more to feed on

  • Sire For Hire

    This is why America has no future.

  • Andrew

    Its a highschool. The kids are old enough to listen to unedited music. I was soo pissed at my highschool prom when they played edited music. I mean were mostly 17-18. We can buy porn, lotto and get tatoos but we cant listen to unedited music?

  • T

    Folks always complainin about some sh**. If they didn’t like it or didn’t want it they didn’t have to take it. They could simply throw it away

  • Cinsere

    LOL…what the hell did the school think they were gonna do, sing ‘em nursery rhymes?

  • J-Reese

    Man I bet the students dont car if the cd had explict lyric man get a grip.

  • Rodjilius

    dats high school honestly the kids probably do worse than just listen to dirty songs well its no probably they do the average black high school kid either does basketball/football or sell/smoke weed

  • ang

    was a gun pointed to their heads or somethin where the student had to take 1 or wat? lol c’mon now its an option to take 1 or not. if u dont like it or want it give it to someone else. dont cry about it. theres no kids in high school anymore they kno right from wrong and wat they wanna hear.

  • EReal

    It is stupid as hell, but with hiphop being attacked from all angles, it should have at least been considered. Just to be safe, cause you know how these motherfuckers are. All holier than thou, just looking for a reason.

    Heads are gonna roll on that promo team.

    1 hunned.

  • Ya BoY AJP

    im from BK and live in charlotte now, and thats crap,dont nobody care, until that white station WCNC caused a problem, always tryin to blaim hip hop


  • coee

    They shol dhave known about the school demo prior to visiting there…..But I guess as they the rec are being brough buy Burbs kids hence the Myters pick visit…

  • BlackGenius

    Them niggas should be glad DefJam did anything for them kids.Most schools don’t get shit like that ever.

  • Brickyard Pro

    parental advisory now we know they can read you should be happy wsup to the fellow label Def Jam from Throwup Records Incorporated

  • Gkid12345

    This gets me disgusted already. They need to hop off of hiphops dick. Damn this is getting ridiculous. Whats next they gonna think of? They really don’t want hiphop to be legal.

  • Face Phoenix

    Who’s Idea was that? It’s not a bad idea if executed correctly but their is always potential for disaster when corporations deal with schools in any aspect.

  • icey SFD

    that’s funny as shit, i know mad heads that go to that school…

  • Mr.Yuck Biotchez

    fuckin rich white families… yo shits weak!

  • killa

    first of all san no one gives a fuck who posted first. second of all, its called freedom of speech and info, which makes this whole article fucking useless, and goddamn do i feel sorry for the dude whos gonna lose his job at def jam over this bullshit cuz he didnt do shit wrong. third of all face pheonix, lose the fucking vocab no one gives a fuck how well you can speak. lastly, its called high school. like someone handing out a free CD with bad words is going to corrupt america or some bullshit. fuck that, fuck gay ass parents who have no better shit to do then blame their fuckin lack of parenting skills on rap music, and fuck the fact that everyone forgets that people get to choose for themselves. STOP FUCKING ACTING LIKE SOME KID HEARING SOME SHIT ON A CD IS GONNA MAKE HIM GO ROB A STORE, YEAH THAT MEANS YOU BILL OREILLY AND THE REST OF YOUR FUCKING NEWS GOON SQAUD. I CANT REALLY REMEMBER THE LAST TIME LISTENIN TO KILLA SEASON MADE ME GO SHOOT UP A FUCKING GROCERY STORE, oh maybe because IT NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED. FUCK THE MEDIA, PREYING ON RAP MUSIC TO GET GOOD FUCKING RATINGS. hate to break it to you CNN, but the only people that really give a fuck are the ones that DONT HAVE A FUCKING PURPOSE IN LIFE. and this ones for WCNC- i hope to god your fucking CEO chokes on his sandwhich today at lunch and dies, so then maybe youll have something for real to talk about, you bunch of fucking cocksuckers.

  • Leroy

    damn well hey lets just say this if u were a good parent wouldn’t u want ya kids to have good manners and language how are they gonna work in a betta word when they call all girls bitches and hoes…i mean yeah i have my fair share but i kno how to control myself cause my momma raised me betta but kids now a days just think they run everything…i’m kinda glad they got banned cause if it was my kid i would be mad…

  • chaosyeschaos

    one of the songs on the cd s called white girl. yall heard its like christina aguiler

  • alan

    what year is this? The street team arent teen agers. The school officials arent teenagers. The defjam staff arent teenagers. Everyone stop acting like you’ve been under a rock for the last ten years!!! All know better! Aint buying this “oh, we’re so ignorant crap! These cats know what they’re pushin….

  • naynay

    WTF! i hate when parents make the biggest fuckin deal like their bitch ass kids dont listen to vulgar words everywhere, TV, friends, school, music and just about everywhere else! Faggots!

  • Hong Kong’s K9

    Haha, what the hell?

    Protective parents these days

  • AndreJones

    I go2 dat school and i was there when they was givin stuff out. In my eyes, i somewhat blame the kids who went around tellin teachers dat da cds was unedited. And YES there were kids tellin teachers about it. Dats how they found out but in reality u cant blame def jam eitha cuz u would assume that high school students would have the mental capacity to listen to unedited music. O and da school is mostly white so dat mighta had somethin 2 do wit it 2…