Conservative Group Slams Hillary Clinton over Timbaland Fund Raiser

timbo.jpgAs previously reported on, 2008 presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, held a fund-raiser with rapper/producer Timbaland in Miami on March 31. The event raised over $800,000 and was a big success for the New York Senator. But not everyone was so pleased with the outcome. According to, a socially conservative group, The Family Research Council, is demanding Clinton give back the $800,000. The group is furious over Timbaland’s role in the fund-raiser, claiming the rapper uses profane and misogynistic lyrics in his music. The Family Research Council sent out emails stating Clinton’s “hypocrisy” for aligning with Timbaland, while, two weeks later, leading a charge against Don Imus, calling his characterization of the Rutgers University woman’s basketball team as “small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism.” The email sent out called for people to complain to Clinton’s campaign volunteer coordinator, Ron Schneider, and demand that Clinton give back the money Timbaland helped raise. According to, Schneider’s email box was then bombarded with complaints, prompting him to place a call to Tom McClusky, Family Research Council’s vice president of government affairs. “He made it clear what he thinks of a group like ours and he asked me at one point, ‘whether any of your constituents would support Clinton anyway,’ McClusky told “Every other word was the F-bomb. We were complaining about the profanity-laden lyrics of Timbaland only to get a response of more profanity. If this is the caliber of people she’s hiring, I think our people would be reluctant to vote for Sen. Clinton.” A Clinton spokesperson, Phil Singer, did issue a statement, saying Schneider’s phone call “isn’t consistent with the kind of tone we set on this campaign.”

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  • outya’self

    hip-hop may as well be banned cotdamnit!

  • jamrock

    jah kno dem jus deh pon hip hop back suh y dem dont trouble rock music

  • dutchess

    this is some bs. People need to get a life, and I want them to site some of the lyrics they are talkin about.

  • Larry Brite

    HAAA!! timbo shoulda’ went with ObAma!!!! Obama 08′!!!!!!!

  • uncommonsense

    hahaha… but its no problem to take bribes, excuse me funds, from giant corporations and groups who influence policies simply for their own company’s monitary benifit no matter who or what it negatively effects…

  • R-Killa

    …And now,where all mad RAPPERS at??Rappers are good in hatin,killin,BEEFIN their fellow niggas but when it comes up to something that THEY should use RAP to protest about or fight back they all run…And I’m talkin about big rappers like Jay-Z,The Game,Busta Rhymes,G-Unit(claimin they R soldiers)even Timbo.Except Nas and Eminem,they got BALLS to talk about Politics hating on uu on their albums…Am I wrong REAL fellaz???

  • Real Talk

    This shit is just IGNORANT!!!

  • fo life

    r killa you are speaking the truth my nigga? timbo needs to respond and stand up for himself and hip hop. when jd came at him, timberland dissed him hard. with all the don imus shit that went down, this is the time for all hip hop artists to come together now and defend hip hop. hip hop artist dissing each other now is just adding fuel to the fire!

  • TruWanksta

    i totally agree R-KILLA… it’s a damn shame. i guess white people are the real gangstas

  • vallejo

    this is my first post here, I haven’t been this upset before. Im hispanic/white and am embarassed of this family group because they probably claim to represent me. So they’re saying that instead of using the money and help people they should get rid of it. C’mon! Rap isn’t the problem. Society is beginning to say that rappers are so terrible that they can’t even try to do anything good. So they’re saying that everything they do and every person a rapper is associated with is a horrible person. So they would rather have a rapper not do anything good. These people think they are better and are putting themselves on a pedestal. These kind of people make me sick and they are the ignorant ones.

  • Dade County 305


  • TonyBee

    R-killa hit it right on the head.I call so many talk radio shows speaking up for hip-hop,I’m piss that none of this (keep it real) rappers haven’t spoke out.This is why hip-hop fans miss 2pac.

  • T.R.E.Y.

    i hope Timbo releases a diss track referencing this, haha.

  • Thaywoodjr

    how is timbo bad, when her husband was in the oval office getting some oval head…. i say take rap back from all this commerical b.s. & let us enjoy our music…. outsiders shouldn’t be able to talk on ish when they know nothing about it…

  • slobbythegreat

    r.killa, theres plenty of political shit in hip hop you just dont hear it, for kanye its in nearly every joint! dead prez… cube even laced it on laugh now cry later… jay spoke political on minority report and before that on Justify My Thug, maybe you werent hearing that shit back then homey…

  • beeyo

    Actually, if that 800,000 is for her presidential campaign, I could give two shits about this story. They can’t even raise that much for charity.

  • jada

    “DEY SAY IT’S D BLACK MAN WE SHUD FEAR BUT IT’S D WHITE MAN DOING ALL D KILLING HERE” dey’re jus big tym haterz cos on a real dey jus try 2 look @ d bad side of erythin we black ppl d cos we beat dem @ deir own game

  • jade

    Damm ass rappers hating on Obama, the black man will never go anywhere

  • EReal

    Eminem goes after the governemnt constantly. He was banned rememeber? The song Mosh about the war? Em is one of the only mainstream rappers to take on the government since 2Live and NWA.

    As far as this story, I never want to here the words “slams hillary clinton” together in a sentence again unless the word Truck, Bus, or Train comes in front of them. LOL.

    Politicians are backstabbing snake losers anyway, trying to act like the holier than thou moral majority when their lives are sicker and more fucked up than any of us, real talk.

    1 hunned.

  • KonWest

    All you guys dont look at the picture portrayed right in front of you. Politics is a gruesome backstabbin org. This has absouletly nothing to do with Timb. he has done nothing wrong, but….. its Hilary Clinton, she is slammed Imus for using that language she really let her opinon out, now the other party GOP aka Republicans want her to give the $$ back becuase all she is a hypocrit for slamming Imus for inappropirate language when she takes it from a rapper who uses a boat load of “inappropriate ” language. Politics is a bloody battle to the top in different terms ie.. no guns. This will be a huge huge set back for her. The only thing wrong with Obama was he used to be a phockin Muslim, like those rag heads. AND stop using the racist card get the phock over it I mean think about it there are more whites tryin to be black (wigger’s) lol… ” The Black Man will never go anywhere”^^^^^ haha then who is Colin Powell????? Obama is half white dumb s-h-i-t… There are so many Balcks who have gone somewhere , phockin idiot

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  • 13thDegree

    Why is nobody mentioning Mos-Def & Talib Kweli? Common, Dead Prez and Jurassic-5??? Those artists CONSISTENTLY take shots at big business.

    The nature that is the Capitalist money machine follows one of the basic principles of Alchemy : Equivalent Exchange.

    In layman’s terms: Rich people deprive poor people of their fair share. In order for the “little” man to get his loot, a rich dude somewhere has to fail. Money is not infinite peoples.

    This “conservative” protest is yet another way to make sure that WHITE money finances politics (I’m not talking race, i’m talking perception). Imagine how HIP-HOP COULD CHANGE THE WORLD, if the REAL bosses of this shit were involved in fund-raising, ala Timberland/ Jay-Z!!

    If Mrs. Clinton is forced upon further review, to return the proceeds of the fund-raiser, it’ll signal the muffling of the loudest voice the world has yet to hear scream in politics: HIP-HOP.

    BTW, i’m 1/2 Black/ Puerto-Rican. Haters stay away.

  • Kal


  • Rob

    I’m gonna vote Obama anyways so fuck Timberland!

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    thats what happens when your a white washed motherfucka like timberland….fuckin guy wishes his skin was white….Fuckin Honkey luva…OBAMA 08!!!