busta-1.jpgBusta Rhymes was arrested early this morning (May 3) in Manhattan on a drunk driving charge. According to the Associated Press, the rapper was pulled over at around 12:45 a.m. on the upper West Side because his Yukon Denali SUV had overly tinted windows. NYPD Sgt. Mike Wysokowski says that Busta was taken into custody and charged with driving while impaired after officers smelled alcohol on his breath. The Aftermath artist is expected to be arraigned at some point on Thursday. His attorney, Scott Leemon, reportedly declined to comment on the incident, saying the charges would be addressed in court. This latest run in with the law comes just days before Busta is scheduled to go on trial for two separate counts of assault. Authorities claim that the controversial artist attacked his former driver Eddie Hatchet in December during an argument about money, and assaulted a fan that allegedly spit on his car. Prosecutors offered Busta a plea on both charges, but later withdrew the deal when he was detained in February for driving with a suspended license.