Flow TV, The First On Demand Hip-Hop Channel, Debuts This Week

flow-tv.jpgRipe Digital Entertainment has launched Flow TV, the first on demand TV channel dedicated to covering the hip-hop lifestyle. The channel is billed as an authentic representation of the hip-hop culture with over 100 hours of exclusive programming. Most of the shows will be between five to 15 minutes long to accommodate today’s busy, on the go viewer. Besides videos and interviews, the channel will feature segments such as SMACK DVD, Flow Live (concert footage), Flowlicious (woman in hip-hop) and VIP Lounge (behind the scenes access). Unlike most channels, Flow TV promises to deliver hip-hop without any industry politics. “The music industry needs a TV outlet for hip-hop fans and artists,” says Ghostface Killah, this month’s featured artist. “Flow TV will be the leader in hip-hop entertainment and give fans epic access to the content they are looking for. I am excited about working with Flow TV.” For more information, visit www.flow.tv.

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  • sDOT

    coo coo

  • west side long beach california


  • mznewmuzick

    flow has been around forever man.. this just another chance for real shit to get broadcasted and whackfilled.

  • nyce

    As long as you guys keep it nyce with the real hip-hop it should alright.

  • nyce

    As long as you guys keep it nyce with the real hip-hop it should alright.

  • j.rock

    This shit will be crack.That’s a good look for us hip-hop fans.

  • http://xxlmag.com one


  • EReal

    Hell yeah. Bout fuckin time.

  • http://www.hiphopassociation.org Rolando Brown

    This is cool, but it should be noted, this isn’t the first. Bad journalism. No one fact checked that press release? Come on… Good news, bad form, straight frontin’, the first? What about QD3 TV? That’s been running for a while now on Comcast. Guess people don’t get out to the west coast often. Travel Sun, Travel. Peace.

  • http://donnyslaughter.com Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    I hope they don’t give us indies tha political bullshyt double standards we git from MTV and BET!!! Go to http://www.myspace.com/gopentertainment to check out tha latest video we did that MTV said was too much, when it looks alot like all the other videos I see on MTV

  • http://donnyslaughter.com Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    Oh, it’s tha bottom video on my page that they shot down