Eve Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

eve1.jpgRapper and actress Eve was arrested by police in Hollywood early this morning on suspicion of driving under the influence after she crashed her gold Maserati on Hollywood Boulevard. According to web site TMZ.com, the pitbull in a skirt crashed the vehicle into the center divider at about 2:45 a.m., totaling the front end. When Police arrived on the scene they handcuffed the rapper and lead her away in a squad car. According to witnesses, she was visibly upset. The Grammy Award winning rapper was booked and released at around 6:45 a.m. after posting $30,000 bail according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

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  • beeyo

    Women can’t fuckin drive

  • Ric

    uh oh, hope she’s not on her way to “foxy” land! lol!

  • Double R

    Looks like she got her tambourine on alittle to much

  • Iceberg Slimm

    ^^^^^Looks like you have some corny ass jokes

  • TWIN

    sick of the pub stunts when a rapper about to drop a album

  • Baby Bt

    who give a fucc…..7-4 boss till da world blow bitchesss…………

    gd for life and vlk,bk,psk,bk bk bk bk bk bk bk bk, vlk vlk vlk vlk

  • Eve’s Friend

    word! Hollywood is bunz and corn dogs. Suspicion?…. nicca’s aint even call the ambulance then ask questions after she got out the hospital.lol Bitch asses. They wanted an autograph and some feel ups. Head High Baby gIrl


    hahahha 5th so that means 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th are all gay…. this chick’s carrer is si dead, she need to stick to tv’s and movies and clothes cuz her rap carrer does not exist

  • Stonyman


  • Stonyman


  • damon

    Under the influence of what? Alcohol or marijuana?

  • Ric

    fuck you slim shitty!

  • TRZT

    F idiot I swear.

  • problamz

    Are you kidding me. 30k bail. If thats not a slap in the fuckin face. Lets See how much was Paris Hiltons bail, not no 30K…and all the other White celebrities that got nailed with DUI…some were let go on ROR and some under 5k…why EVE get hit with 30..

  • http://xxlmag.com King

    Fuck how many more rappers must get cought or something fuck get something better.

  • felixthecat

    why everyone affiliated with aftermath always getting caught? aftermath……hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • sk

    eve can get it

  • Dade County 305

    she didnt have to pay 30k, she only has to pay 10%. 3g’s, thats it! i feel what u sayin tho!!!

  • Unknown

    I almost feel bad for her HAHAHA sux

  • Slim Shitty

    Eve looks way hot in that picture