E-40 Donates $12,000 to Alma Mater

e40-1.jpgBay Area rapper E-40 recently donated $12,000 to his alma mater, Hogan High School, to purchase new drums and marching equipment for the school’s band. According to Vallejo’s Herald-Times, 40 stepped up to the plate after learning the school was in desperate need of new equipment after vandals broke into the band room and destroyed some of the already decrepit instruments. “We’ve been waiting for this forever. Everything that we do has to go through fundraisers,” said drumline instructor Tina Jamias. “We always struggle every year.” On Wednesday (April 11), 40 presented a check to the students and school administrators, and was treated to a performance by the band. “Our equipment was run down. I can’t imagine how they are getting through with it now,” said 40. “I wanted to do something for my school. And I want people to know it’s cool to be in band. It’s cool to play instruments.”

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  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    Roffle @ E-40 having an alma mater.

  • 21stCenturyKid

    BOL, wtf? You didn’t think he’d have one ‘cos he’s a rapper? SMH

  • fred

    say what you want about 40 water but dats a real nigga mayne!when you got it give back!

  • fred

    say what you want about 40 water but dats a real nigga mayne!when you got it give back!

  • fred

    say what you want about 40 water but dats a real nigga mayne!when you got it give back!

  • fred

    real niggaz do real thangs!when you got it give back!props to 40 water!

  • AZ

    Finally some good news about a rapper! Good shit 40.

  • Sean

    $50,000 would’ve been more impressive.

  • CaliBoss

    Gotta say Good lookin E fezzable ! Thats some Real Town shit…. Thats a Real Good Look Fa The Yay Area Man “Bay Area” fa yall squares out there ! Yeeeee Yeeeee

  • Straight from the horses mouth

    Sources close to the situation have told me that the $12,000 E-40 is donating is a tax write-off as he paid too much last year and this 12 grand would keep him under the cap for next year.

  • these posts are racist

    $12,000? Wow. How do you say “cheap mofo” in Bay area slang? Chizzeap mofizzel?

  • http://blogs.hiphopdx.com/meka Meka Soul

    >Roffle @ E-40 having an alma mater.>

    EXACTLY. my first thought was, “e-40 has a degree?”


    April 12th, 2007 at 3:50 pm
    $12,000? Wow. How do you say “cheap mofo” in Bay area slang? Chizzeap mofizzel?

    rappers dont make much these days

  • Garbage

    12,000 is better than nothing you dumbasses!!! That’s 12,000 that the school never had idiots!!!

  • Homie N

    yea he cuda gave more but at least he gave sumthin. wat u hear bout otha rappers doin 4 kids? nothin

  • gutta the grizzate

    I know some of you people are real ignorant, “he could have gave 50,000″ Stupid mothafucka mayne, $12,000 is better than ZERO THOUSAND STUPID..tell me that last good thing you heard a rapper do in the last 2 weeks…can’t name one thing off the top of your head can you??? Dumbasses…40 water that dude..who gets shit done!

  • Dade County 305


  • Dr Flav

    I am disappointed in the comments by some of the posters in here. Ole crabby ass, crab in a bucket marks. Talkin bout how much he gave when some of you dont even put a quarter in the charity donation jar at the corner store. You want to dis his intelligence? 40 is a self made millionaire with a vocabulary, not just slang, but a true knowledge of words. GOOD JOB CHARLIE HUSTLE, YOU HELPING KIDS PURSUE DREAMS, POSSIBLY TO ACHIEVE SCHOLARSHIPS TO BECOME BETTER CITIZENS!

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  • http://www.xxlmag.com King

    Yeah 12,000 40 got heart

  • che

    $12,000? man thats like 5,500 pounds, i’m not saying that its not better than nothing, but my car cost more than that. Its good that he gave it but what is actually perplexing me in regards to this is that it made the news..

  • these posts are racist

    Dr Flav-

    I was just clowning…On the real, he owes no “duty” to give anything and 12 G’s is a great donation. And as far as his expansive vocabulary, you’re right, I was out of order for falling into the dominant culture narrative by calling it slang.

  • http://xxlmag erica

    OMG I LOVE E-40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

  • Dr Flav

    Thats real, TPAR. I am serious though, I have listened to almost all Earl’s albums and he does have vocab to accompany his slang. He also speaks on various income making ventures such as real estate, francises and even things as common as vending machines. Im no mans stan, but Im a helluva E40 fan.

  • http://www.totallynsfw.com/member/219723/ china

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