dilated.jpgDilated Peoples — the California trio of Evidence, Rakaa Iriscience and DJ Babu — finished their recording contract with their former label, Capitol Records, last year after the release of their album, 20/20. Now, the group is a free agent, looking for a new home for their next album. In an exclusive interview with XXLMag.com, Evidence reveals Dilated is talking with long-time friend and producer, The Alchemist, about possibly signing to his ALC Records imprint. “A lot of people are calling, [but] we haven’t really been answering because we’re doing it like back in the days,” Evidence said regarding future label deals. “I’m not too excited or eager [because] we have learned too much to just sign up again. I know Alchemist is starting ALC Record and there has been big talk about Dilated being the first group he puts out.”

In the meantime, Dilated is working on a new DVD to hold fans over until their new album (still untitled) comes out in 2008. “Right now, we’re doing the Dilated Release Party DVD,” Evidence told XXLMag.com. “It’s us celebrating our independence [and] our release from the major label. Jason Goldwatch, who directed a lot of our videos, has been on tour with us forever and he’s been filming. We have so much incredible stuff. I feel like how I’m letting people in on my [solo] record [The Weatherman LP], that’s what we’re doing with the DVD. You really get to know us.” Dilated People’s new DVD should be out later this year.