canibus.jpgIn an exclusive interview with two weeks ago, Canibus revealed the single to his new album, For Whom The Beat Tolls. The song is called “Poet Laureate Infinity,” and ‘Bis claims it’s a 1,000 bar track that is infinite due to the way it’s layered and mixed. Canibus also told during that interview he is working on a sequel to his 2003 album, Rip The Jacker. The album will be called Rip The Jacker II: Infinity, and will follow the formula of “Poet Laureate Infinity” for an entire album. “I got this record I’m working on called Rip The Jacker II: Infinity,” he said. “This record is going to mimic the same format, but it’s going to be for an album. So you are going to get an infinite album. And I don’t know if that’s ever been done, but I’m gonna do it.”