Canibus Working On New Album, Rip The Jacker II: Infinity

canibus.jpgIn an exclusive interview with two weeks ago, Canibus revealed the single to his new album, For Whom The Beat Tolls. The song is called “Poet Laureate Infinity,” and ‘Bis claims it’s a 1,000 bar track that is infinite due to the way it’s layered and mixed. Canibus also told during that interview he is working on a sequel to his 2003 album, Rip The Jacker. The album will be called Rip The Jacker II: Infinity, and will follow the formula of “Poet Laureate Infinity” for an entire album. “I got this record I’m working on called Rip The Jacker II: Infinity,” he said. “This record is going to mimic the same format, but it’s going to be for an album. So you are going to get an infinite album. And I don’t know if that’s ever been done, but I’m gonna do it.”

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  • RefuG

    canibus is hot man one of the best lyracist it sucks that he went down the way he did

  • Ital-Green

    CANIBUS, The BEST Lyricist of all TIME!!!! I can’t wait for his new album. The world ain’t ready! Much Respect Cani!

  • Holla

    lol @ this guy doing an infinite album. He must be on crack.

  • Dip Set City

    Simply stunning. Simply ridiculous.

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  • ghost mace chiller


  • kidkron3

    someone tell canibus to go and lumber a tree down instead coz this ,like his other bricks,is going triple wood with bark

    • Tristar Da Beast

      @ Kidron3

      ha ha ha thats real funny man you are one funny cat , wot sounds you banging to , lil wayne rich boy soljia boy or some crap , you a fuckn idiot triple wood with bark ha ha thats tragic like your name and yo life and yo momma’s life ya heard , and my word is bond like james you weak like seven days , rhymes so fsat they give your brain an anurisim cause kidron3 is slower than his momma’s metabolisim !!! Canibus im with you till you put the Mic down!!! im out like toronto after Kobe droped 81 haha suxers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • King Ben U Beezy !

    I don’t know what the fuck he is talking about. 2000 B.C. was alright though. Maybe download his new shit or somehting.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    I hope Canibus finally get his just dues. This cat is a rapper’s rapper. Only lyricist can appreciate what he brings to the table. If you lookin’ to go the club to shake your ass or to turn on the radio to listen to the same 15 songs in a row … then Canibus ain’t for you.

  • Pete Porpis

    i like canibus like 5 years ago. 2000 bc was his last good album, all 15 after sucked ass ya dig. he raps about nonsence from a science class. he is on the other end of the spectrum from these garbage rappers now (whicj=h isnt a good thing). re-inlist in the army sucka. ps, who he gonna pretend beef with this album?

    • Tristar Da Beast

      @ Pete Porpis , eat my shit and drink my piss you can compete like this !! wot up son , saw your bullshit message and had to drop, so you say no good albums since 2000bc you not see mic club the curriculam or rip the jacker yo bitch , cenior studies , master thesis , poet laurete cum on cat what the fuck you got ya head phones unplugged son , dont you like wordplay , dont you like facts , dont you like history oh you dont well go ny a too short album ya hear , and get the fuck off this site , this a hip hop site , you needa visit pete pops porpis pimples .com !!! dresscode killer fo life ya heard

  • M.A.A

    Can is one of the best of all time

  • m.ryder

    go back to the army with ya bitch ass u muppet

  • http://none V-MAN Chester Pa 19013

    Go ahead & name your 2 favorite. I bet very fuckin dollar I have Canibus would make them look like fools. Name 2 & look like a dumb ass twice! I fucks wit Canibus, Cool J has never gottin a dollar of mine sense he pulled that blackball shit on Bis! Hip Hops best producers should throw him beats just cus he’s the Illest! Where’s the producers that do shit for the love of Hip Hop & its fans? Im callin out Swizz, K. West, Premier,Drummer Boy, Dr Dre,Just Blaze, Timberland,Roots,etc Real Hip Hop heads know & fucks wit Bis!

  • ned

    Canibus sucks. He should just call it quits and reinlist in the army. He was good on 2000 bc, then put out 10 disgusting records. And he raps with shaq now 2. He blows. I didn’t like chemistry in high school so why should I pay 2 hear an hour of him talking about ridiculous shit.

  • dreadklove


  • Mimi


  • The Sire

    In the battle field no one can hold a torch to bis one of the greatest to do acrobatics with words. any one on here dissin probably got a D4l cd in the cd player bumpin “laffy taffy” faggots!!!

  • young tone

    jesus what is wring wit our culture?? why is it so cool to make us look stupid or ignorant? why hate on somebody if never really listen to him closely? fuckin hip hop sucks now n ppl act like its bad for minds to get enlighten…h well Bis is the most underrated artist in hip hop n probably one of in music period!

    dis ya boy tone bis, come to the bay area, love to see a show

    btw…2000 bc was a great album, but so was mic club and Rip the Jacker and RTJ is a real 5 mic album, too ahead of its time

    • Tristar Da Beast

      @ Young Tone , wot up son , sure wouldnt mind smoking a bone with you , im with ya homie best message ive seen left on this site !!! some one out there with a brain , mic club is a classic Cenior Studies whoa that is the crack rite there !!! these cats just dont understand , wotever on the mtv wotever on the radio thats all they can consume in they lil brains , detail , heart and soul go in to BIS music !!! get stoned and plug the headphones in !!!enjoy the ride !!! peace young tone !!!!

      • DownSouth

        I feel ya Tristar. Canibus is my #1 lyricist. His complex wordplay, super metaphors and punchlines, and extensive knowledge of science, math, history, military, etc. cannot be touched. It’s like he said on RTJ:

        “The literal literature ripper/ Painting pictures for intelligent listeners.”

        The common person (majority of the world) hates anything that is challenging to the mind and makes them think. Whether it’s the type of rapper they listen to or the professors they take in college, it’s easy to take that teacher who will literally give you an A, or listen to Soulja Boy.

        To me, there’s a time for all types of music, but if a person constantly listens to crunk and snap and dance, their IQ will be lower than the condition of us black folks. And I’m from DOWN SOUTH! but I call it how it is. Until then…

        DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • Dante

    Bis is without a doubt one of the most naturally gifted lyricists of all time.

    If you dont like the beats, whatever, i dig em. but if you honestly cannot respect the lyricism this man puts into his work then you shouldn’t even be listenin to hip hop. Those who hate on him are either kiss-ass eminem fans, Lil wayne groupies who listen to the radio and think its hip hop, or simply have never listened to the man.

    you want punchlines? Can-I-Bus
    you want battles? 2000 B.C. [Before Can-I-Bus]
    you want knowledge? Rip The Jacker
    you want poetry? For Whom The Beat Tolls

  • KLAP215

    CANIBUS is the best mc Ive ever heard and Ive been around for 32yrs! People that say CANIBUS is wack are under the industrys mind control!!! Bunch of Lumnuti’s bitches!

  • mhza

    wats up evry1 talkin abt canibus man im out of words he’s a tru mc catch me anaware o from sleep his one ma best ill say can is da man to look out 4.congs to him who can challenge him wholly is yawning for their own mutilation he simply uses all disciplnes to mc .what else do i need from an mc nothin but that.mhza

  • Joaquin Llewellyn

    Superb document, well written I must say.

  • 7thcrownpoet


  • Makuei King Gz Aken

    i can’t wait to see what the will be like! Canibus is the rapper that is still original out there, and apart from that, it is all nothing but lies.