sugemug.jpgIn a recent interview with the New York Post, Death Row Records honcho Suge Knight expressed his recent desire to shut down the infamous label once and for all. According to Suge, he was inspired to bring The Row legacy to an end after recent conversations he had with preachers Noel Jones and T.D. Jakes, both of whom advised him to move on. In early 2005, Suge was ordered to pay Lydia Harris, the wife of incarcerated drug kingpin Michael ‘Harry-O’ Harris, $107 million in punitive and economic damages after Harris claimed that Knight shut her out of Death Row Records after she helped found the label. In April 2006 Knight filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection citing over $137 million dollars in outstanding debt and just $4.4 million in assets. The bankruptcy court would like to see Death Row continue operating under reorganization, but Suge has now stated that he would prefer to liquidate his publishing rights and settle his debts. "I want to take care of the creditors. I'm saying I don't want to keep living in the past, with the negativity," he said. According to the Post, a judge has already walked away from the case, as well as one of Suge’s attorneys who received a threat against his life.