Saigon Arrested for Harassing Ex-Girlfriend

saigon.jpgSaigon appeared in a Clarkstown, NY courtroom on Wednesday (February 28) to answer to charges of misdemeanor harassment and disorderly conduct. According to The Journal News, the rapper’s ex-girlfriend has accused him of pouring a beer “over her head and face” on December 30. The woman also claims that he threatened to punch her in her face, grabbed and pulled her and used a car door to hit her left leg. Police tacked on a charge of disorderly conduct when the rapper started yelling and screaming in the parking lot of his building in Avalon Gardens, NY telling them “You’ll have to arrest me.” Justice Scott Ugell who is presiding over the case, issued an order of protection that will require the Entourage guest star to stay away from the woman. The rapper plead not guilty to all charges.

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  • Wire

    1st bitches

  • ahhhhhh

    wat a dumb motherfucker

  • Ny TiLL Da EnD

    Hmmm who cares about this anyways?


    Hey WIRE, and everybody else that reads XXL, wanna lauph? Read this real quick.

    Funny shit, Peace

  • http://FRAUD T Nice

    I tried to tell y’all this dude was PHONY. What happened to all that black righteous shit. This nigga plays both sides of the fence. He couldn’t get famous FOR JUST being a gangsta rapper but he’s more of that than anything. BOOM!! (and fuck a 1st, that’s for welfare niggas)

  • http://FRAUD T Nice

    (Breaking News: Saigon’s aalbum has just been pushed forward to March 27)

  • Cuuuurrtttissss is Dead

    he wants to be in jail all the time ,doesn’t he?



  • ref

    last middle to last bitches

  • ref

    Saigon Chop suey Gyyyyyaaaaaaa

  • scuba


  • EReal

    Only pussies beat on bitches.
    If you cant control your bitch, then kick her ass to the curb. The Fuck you doin gettin arrested for this dumb hoe, Sai?? Psshtt.. He says he’s gonna beat P’s ass, yeah right. He’s busy beatin his girl. This dude’s album probably just got pushed back to Nevuary 31st 20-0-Never.

    Sucks tho, cause Sai is the truth mang.

    1 hunned.

  • J.R.O.

    They say real men don’t hit women. Well, Sai don’t care ’cause he beats bitches up.



    betta get your girl in check homie

  • john cochran

    I dont condone hitting women or nothing, but they didn’t say what she did to him so she might have deserved it. Whats wrong with a lil’ ol english shower anyway?

  • kidwave

    Isnt he a “conscious” rapper as well, talking about uplifting the people. I swear these preachy mofos always turn out to be the biggest hypocrites. Homie is obviously institutionalized after his long-ass bid and is beating on his girl because he switched teams while in the pen.

  • jojochicago

    i thought physical contact was assault not harrassment. n e way who gives a shit!? exactly nobody! i thought i was gon read some stalker type funny ass shit but this is weak.

  • jacquez
  • Knowledge Speaks

    So much PAIN in her life, lol! That foo’ needs some prozac or sumthin’. He keeps this up and he’ll never release an album.

  • Saiggidy

    um ever stop to think the bitch is lying. y’all are stupid. Sai still the man.

  • Dade County 305

    u brothas crack me up. u all write sum funny shit… never hit a woman fellas. sai, i hope u have a sis or mom or any females n yiur fam. im pretty sure u wouldnt want any1 to smack them or pour beer on them. also, women can flip out but its best for us men to walk away. if the popo come, u know the male going to jail!!!! since that oj shit these white law makers aint bsn brothas!

  • Middle-Man

    1st…… Dont jock it Giddy….. These hoes is stupid these days!!!!!

  • EReal

    Co-Sign 305

    LOL @ “if the popo come, u know the male going to jail!!!!”
    ^ Real Talk.

    1 hunned.

  • RawReport_K

    Niggas tryin to shit on Sai name it probably didn’t even go down like that…I just hope it wasn’t Joy his ex-girl who starred in Get Rich or Die Tryin as 50′s jumpoff

  • Chap

    That’s not cool that he hit that girl. Just one thing a boy hits and a man forgive no matter what happens. Be a man and not a little boy, thats what he gets for hitting an women what if it was his mom, Thank man.

  • illijah

    yall are crazy.. who says this girl aint trying to get money off sai? Yall are real quick to linch a dude up just cause some girl said something. i bet all yall baught carmen bryan’s books about nas too! Cmon man, saigon has 2 felonies on his record…. if he really did this and gets another misdemenor, hes going back in the clink…. dude aint stupid.


    ay T Nice suck a dick faggot, saigons a real ass nigga and u aint got no right at all to talk bad about em, that shows how PHONY u r bitch!

  • Sinistah…. 973′s Own!

    why ya’ll hatin on da dude, if he did it, he did it, if he didn’t, he didn’t. thats life. worry about ya own unless you tryin to become an anger management counselor or offer legal aid.

    especially since right now its only one side of the story being told. when i see a report on the “why” factor then i can give an unbiased comment on this one. but for now, this is what happens in the adult world. sometimes u get lucky and nothin more than a few sexless nights, in most cases jail-time/child-support/parole violation

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