saafir.jpgFormer Death Row Records artist Lady of Rage and Bay Area MC Saafir will star in a new film — Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop — which chronicles notorious L.A. gang member Kody “Monster” Scott’s rise to fame. Saafir will portray Scott in the film, while the Lady of Rage will play his mother, Birdie Scott. Kody “Monster” Scott, a felon with ties to the Eight Tray Gangsters, was arrested two weeks ago by LAPD for striking an individual in the face and taking their car. He was also wanted as a material witness in a murder case. Despite his recent arrest, independent film maker and former gang member, Billy Wright, will direct Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, which began shooting in L.A. on March 20. Kody “Monster” Scott is a controversial figure. He spent four years in prison for armed robbery, but converted to Islam and denounced violence during his incarceration. He also authored a book, Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member from Prison, which was a bestseller 14 years ago. “In the realm of hip-hop culture, Kody is an iconic figure,” Wright says. “He is the American gangster of our generation. He is a role model for how to live and how not to live. His real life encapsulates what hip-hop imagery is all about.”