jimjones1.jpgA controversial concert that would have featured appearances by Jim Jones, Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne has been cancelled by officials in Providence, Rhode Island. The show, which was part of the recently kicked off Street Dreams Tour, was scheduled for March 29 at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence. When the event was first announced, local police immediately objected, citing Jim Jones’ affiliation with the Bloods street gang as a potential security risk. City officials were also hesitant to allow the even to move forward because the promoter, Lowell Williams, is an inexperienced 18-year old entrepreneur. Despite their reservations, the city’s board of licenses approved the show earlier this month after promoters and venue representatives assured them that extraordinary security measures would be in place to prevent any outbreak of violence. On Wednesday (March 14) the board revoked the show’s license when they were unable to reach an agreement with Williams about artist compensation. The board wanted the artist’s money to be withheld for 12 hours following the concert, to ensure that they abided by an agreement barring them from attending after-parties in the Providence area. Williams refused, saying the request was unreasonable and deviated from standard industry practices.