Nas to Perform on MTV Live

On March 15, Nas will perform on the MTV Live series, which will air across MTV, MTV2, mtvU, MTV Tr3s,, and on MTV Mobile on Verizon’s V Cast. The MTV Live series features monthly live performances recorded at the Hard Rock Café in New York City’s Time Square. Fans can expect another stellar show, with Nas performing classic tracks, such as “New York State of Mind,” as well as songs off his latest album, Hip Hop Is Dead. The list includes his new single, “Can’t Forget About You,” “Hustlers,” “Let There Be Light” and the produced title track, “Hip Hop Is Dead.” MTV Live will be available online at

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  • Hip Hop since 79′

    Just in time. Can’t wait for the N.. to drop this year.



    1st MUTHAFUCKAS. Since i got that gay shit out the way, Nas is my nigga. He speak the truth and speaks on shit we should hear more often. For 16 year old cats like me, we hardly hear real MC’s on the radio, might of fact i don’t remeber hearing “Hip Hop Is Dead” on the radio. Keep spittin that shit and I can’t wait for the Cleveland show.


  • TerrorTwinz 07

    I wonder if he’ll spaek on that incident with those undercover hoes lol.Big up to Nas get that paper baby and expose true hiphop to the massses again.

  • EReal

    Im all about Nas gettin as much exposure as possible man. These kids need to recognize real. Maybe if Nas gets this MTV show out there then these new school idiot rap fans will take a look at Nas’s catalogue. Maybe.

  • Ny TiLL Da EnD

    I’ll watch it

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    This is more commercial exposure than he’s tried to get his whole carrer .. Jay-Z must be givin’ him advice on how to “cross over but still get hood respect” .. let’s hope he doesn’t take it as far as Jay did and start making corny songs to get airplay.

  • jacquez
  • Face

    Finally, Real mc’s gettin’ real face time. Maybe Hip-Hop will survive.

  • Cuban Link

    damn cant wait.I wish I could go but its gonna be packed.Whats up with a Black Repbulican video?


    Nas is wack. Fuck that faker you eastcoast clowns make me laugh. Look at Nas’ contribution to hip-hop after his first album. He tried to go commercial but he flopped. Songs with Ginuwine and Puff Daddy didn’t have the desired effect on record sales – yet Nas criticises niggas for being ‘corny’ – when he called himself Nastradumas and Nas Escobar. He fucked up with The Firm despite being backed by Dr. Dre. Could’ve had a supergroup in Bravehearts but fucked that up because of his ego. Never said anything of note against 2pac when he was alive despite the many times ‘pac dissed him. Made tons of songs with Mobb Deep then had beef with them and then made up. Helped 50 Cent gain some early exposure and then made him angry because he tried to go pop again with 50′s enemy Ja Rule and Ashanti, despite knowing how 50 felt about Ja. Disses rappers for being ‘fake’ yet he made songs claiming he’ll kill people’s mom’s and kids, sells drugs, carries guns then will make ‘conscious’ songs about keeping the peace. Claims hip-hop is dead and releases an album while it’s dead. ‘Beefs’ with Jay-Z and now teams with him in their ‘war’ with the Diplomats despite Cam’Ron teaming with Jay-Z in the past to diss Nas on many songs. Now he’s getting a reality show.

    Nas has clearly destroyed any credibility he had and considering he was/is at the forefront of hip-hop, he should shoulder a lot of the blame as to the downfall of hip-hop. Come on Nas fans tell me the above is bullshit – these are all facts.

  • illmatica

    You said Nas flopped when went commercial?
    It Was Written , like 3X platinum?I Am 477k in first week, 2X platinum? Nastradamus went platinum. Every Nas cd has gone platinum.

  • RockCity

    Ay Interscope shut the fuck u dont kno shit go suck a dick u hatin bitch

  • james howell

    Nas is on of illist MC around hip hop is dead look at it’s state. I’m fronm the early 90′s late 80′s era when hip hop made you feel good. I remember when I went to college and his 2nd cd came out I was scared to by it becouce I was’nt ready for what he had to give me. Keep it up GodsSon

  • westdub

    this dude ever go platinum yet

  • westdub

    damn INTERSCOPE JACKSON you going to make some of em mad with that one. Pac exposed this nigga. this nigga made songs OOCHIE WALLY WALLY and shit. WTF. He did say he was gangsta n shit when nas was soft as a chick feather. If it aint PAC it aint hot. WESTCOAST is coming to take this shit back ova.

  • ric

    I like Nas but he did fall off after Nastradamus. If not for the beef with Jay-Z, he probably would have been done for! Wack??? Never! Nas is still one of the best MC’s in the game!!

  • derfla the hus’la

    shit is straight…… wtf is interscope jackson talking about?

  • http://yahoo Rastafarai

    “Interscope Jackson” do me a favor, go tie something heavy around your feet and jump to the nearest river…You pussy boy bombacloth….