Ice Cube Establishes Scholarship Competition

icecube1.jpgIce Cube has partnered with McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota to form an annual music scholarship. The Ice Cube Scholarship is the first time an elite college has partnered with a hip-hop artist. The scholarship will be awarded to one student every year in the music technology department. Finalists will be chosen based on their musical ambitions, academic record and financial need. To receive the scholarship, Ice Cube will give each student a beat and a hook line, and they have to fill in the bass line, arrangement and lyrics. Cube will then select the winner. “It has become a lifelong mission to give back to our youth and provide them with opportunities for a successful future,” says Cube. “I am honored to be working with such a highly respected establishment such as the McNally Smith College of Music and look forward to reviewing the submissions by scholarship applicants in the coming months.”

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  • YounGuttaAKAPaperBoy(LongLiveDaking)Bka CuzzodakingMW

    I knew my boi had smarts uda den street smartz…

  • wacko G

    fuck first sayers and fuck the my space rappers

  • mikey t

    good for him….

  • lake

    mikey t smuggles ostrich eggs in his vagina


    the least amount of comments and this is the most important news item in this whole issue.

    Respect to Cube, even if his rhyme fire seems to be extinguished these days….

  • c_realla

    That is positive. I think Cube is an excellent idol for kids to look at. He came from the hood, is still hood, but yet an admirable business man. Growing up white in America Ice Cube really gave me a peek at what it is like to be African American. Its hard when the system wants to see you fail, but I would tell everyone out there that not all people from other races are against you or want you to fail. Cube do your thing and keep giving back to the community.