Eminem has been ordered by an Irish judge to give testimony under oath explaining why he missed a concert in the country in 2005. The show, scheduled for September 17, 2005 at Slane Castle, was part of Em’s Anger Management European tour. At the time, Em cancelled ten stops on the tour citing exhaustion. Shortly thereafter, he underwent treatment at a rehab facility for addiction to sleep medication. The concert’s promoter, MCD Productions Ltd., is now suing three London based insurers of the show who have failed to pay nearly two million dollars in claims. According to the Belfast Telegraph, Justice Peter Kelly of the High Court in Dublin issued a letter to the US District Court of the Eastern District of Michigan requesting that a judge there hear the rappers testimony. Once Em has testified under oath in Detroit, his explanation will then be read into the record in the Irish court. Justice Kelly also denied a request that the rapper’s testimony remain private, noting that there is a constitutional mandate in Ireland stating that justice be administered in public. He remarked that he could only guarantee that the testimony will remain private until it has been placed into evidence.