Eminem Ordered to Testify Under Oath on Concert Cancellation

Eminem has been ordered by an Irish judge to give testimony under oath explaining why he missed a concert in the country in 2005. The show, scheduled for September 17, 2005 at Slane Castle, was part of Em’s Anger Management European tour. At the time, Em cancelled ten stops on the tour citing exhaustion. Shortly thereafter, he underwent treatment at a rehab facility for addiction to sleep medication. The concert’s promoter, MCD Productions Ltd., is now suing three London based insurers of the show who have failed to pay nearly two million dollars in claims. According to the Belfast Telegraph, Justice Peter Kelly of the High Court in Dublin issued a letter to the US District Court of the Eastern District of Michigan requesting that a judge there hear the rappers testimony. Once Em has testified under oath in Detroit, his explanation will then be read into the record in the Irish court. Justice Kelly also denied a request that the rapper’s testimony remain private, noting that there is a constitutional mandate in Ireland stating that justice be administered in public. He remarked that he could only guarantee that the testimony will remain private until it has been placed into evidence.

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  • DJH

    still wont make him do the milton keynes concerts will it.just a waste of the man’s time.some people just want to get a life an do something wid it. SHADY 07

  • EReal

    Fuck those Mc faggots Em, what they gonna do?? Extridite you?? LOL.

    1 hunned.

  • Ray RAy


  • jacquez

    Addicted to sleep medication? Damn.

    Yo RAY RAY, close but no cigar buddy.

  • Customize

    that would have been the biggest crowd he ever played too, Slane Castle can hold well over 100,000 people and it was sold out!!!!..damn shame it was cancelled…but yeah its a waste of time..

  • r-o-c

    ye Em lost alot of fans for not doin the milton keynes gigs

  • hip hop is alive, but g unit dead


  • thecoolguy

    haha i didnt even kno irish people liked rap, and em better not let 50 go with him cuz hell prolly start ratting people out


    50 the one who told where em was.

  • EReal

    ^ and ^^ and ^^^

    All foggots.


  • Chuck Norris

    Check out the interview when G-Unit and Em where on 106 and TRL. You can def. tell Em and 50′s relationship aint as it was before.
    They ask em a question and 50 cuts him off and answers for him..Em then looks at him like “This Mothafucka”.
    You can just tell somethin went wrong along the way..Im watchin them closely…the enterprise is slowly crumb’lin,just watch..


  • Chuck Norris


    I think eminem officially went CRAZY…(FOR REAL) after proof’s death. He looks/acts/talks like he lost it (seriously).

  • beeyo

    Chuck u got that 106 shit straight out a Sauce article

  • RockCity

    I bet money 50 and Em will be beefed out, thats go b the next big hiphop beef right there!!! I can see it in Em eyes he gettin fed up wit 50 n 50 go say some shit one day dats go ignite dat fire.

  • runninthe617

    yea ems on some real fucked up pill shit, he even amdits to it.. and i saw that 106 interview and it def seemed like 50 aint respectin the man who brought him into the game

  • http://xxlmag.com TerrorTwinz 07

    Sum 1 plz post a link 2 these interviews of 106 n trl looked but couldnt find em’

  • Galil ( Detox is comin Still AFTERMATH)

    Yeah Eminem cancelled a concert in Denmark too so now I don’t even wanna buy no records from Em. I listen 2 The Game cause that nigga came 2 Denmark even though he have been all over Europe and he still didn’t complain about some motherfuckin sleep medication.
    It’s still AFTERMATH there ain’t nothin after that. Look out 4 Dr.Dre’s Detox.

  • DJH

    galil its people like you who fuck hiphop up.i got tickets 4 both milton keynes dates,but i still got th re-up,look up how many dates he had to do in america alone in such short time.class will never goes away.1 thing you got right look out for detox.em and 50 will never beef coz there’s too much money to b made(hope not anyway)

  • DJH

    galil its people like you who fuck hiphop up.put your dummy back in your mouth.i had tickets for both milton keynes dates,booked a hotel the lot,but i still got the re-up.look at the dates he did in america alone,more then some rappers world tour.so stop crying about it and go and buy the re-up.1 thing you got right look out for detox.

  • Chuck Norris

    To BEEYO:

    Fuck the sauce, i aint get it from there.

    What i speak is the truth….its sad to say, but its krumbalin