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  • lake


  • Crumbz

    no he cant… he was destroyed by fif’ it was disgustin the way this man just couldnt do anyting to stop the massacre of his career n his label… now he tries to comeback with this style on em tracck which is trash just because thats not his flow its someone elses!! he tried to comeback with “New York” but he couldnt do shit but make two more ny rappers destroy there careers lmao… he is nuttin but bad luck … stay away from the rule lmao…

  • kevin savuwa

    sshiiiit is craize,gay unit be hatin…wel its a state of mind if u wank 2 much..uv provd it…wev listened to ja for more dan 5 years and want mor…uv had g unit 3 yrs nd u olready fed up..if ur brains dont work use ur kidneys………M Higher bunces