Baby Boy Da Prince and Devin the Dude Top This Week’s Hip-Hop Debuts

babyboy-prince.jpgNew Orleans rapper Baby Boy Da Prince had the highest selling debut of the past week with his debut LP Across The Water, which moved about 25,600 copies and will land at No. 26 on the Billboard Top 200. Next up we have Houston vet Devin The Dude grabbing the No. 30 spot after selling just under 25,000 units of his latest, Waitin’ To Inhale. Consumers picked up 22,000 copies of Atlanta group Crime Mob’s sophomore effort Hated On Mostly which will place them directly behind Devin at No. 31. Elsewhere on the charts we see Def Jux founder El-P debuting at No. 78 with about 11,000 copies sold of I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, his first solo project since 2004. A reissue of late Detroit beatmaster J.Dilla’s Ruff Draft is slated to chart at No. 112 after selling 7,700 hundred copies. Bringing up the rear we have Nashville, TN native Haystack at No. 186 with 4,300 copies sold of his latest, Crackavelli.

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  • Bol

    What a week for hip-hop.

  • billblackfish

    Who the hell is baby boy the prince and 25k is crappy sales limewire proly had 100k downloads

  • RockCity

    lol I 2nd that ^^^^^^ I neva heard of that nicca, this shit is sad, its almost like hearing about someone getting shot or some shit, mannn hip hop where are we going?

  • Chanel

    It’s official…Ain’t no money in rap’n so all you Jigs can go back to B-ball and slang’n rocks now!

  • bottom boi G

    Baby boy is from the N.O. you fuck boys wouldnt know who the fuck he is. Record sales are still at a alltime low but nigas still makin money. Devin the dude got the hottest CD out so far. If you aint feelin it shoot yourself in the eye. Still waiting for UGK BUCK CARTER 3

  • oha

    i live in nashville and i never heard shit about haystacks release until now, his promoter needs to be slapped. who the fuck is baby boy da prince?

  • dave

    That new Devin the Dude is the hottest hip-hop record in 07 hopefully they will shot a video for What a Job with Snoop Dogg and Andre3000 so Devin can get the respect he deserves

  • Tre

    Baby Boy Da Prince is some lame nigga with a terrible song with boosie bad ass. Bottom Boi G is a dumbn nigga. Aint nobody gettin no money if aint nobody selling records. Bucks album is out jackass


    Baby Boy The Prince —- This is the way I live…search him on youtube

  • N.O. Repazenta

    Yo man, Im tired of clownz claiming my hood trying to chip off a couple of dollars. This Goof is from Marrero, Louisiana NOT New Orleans get it right! Just cause you live near it — don’t mean you can claim it. YOU DID NOT PUT IN WORK!


  • N.O. 4 life

    Baby boy a beast he aint the same old same old plus nigga from the westbank my side

  • EReal


    Devin shoulda sold more.

    People probably waited for the 27th releases, I know I did.

    I did cop that Devin the Dude, tho. Yall should too.

    When are they gonna start reporting digital sales numbers?? The Cd is dead.

    1 hunned.


    How long has “the way I live” been out? I’ve been hearing it for like 2 years now?

    I think he is from Marrero.


    Baby Boy is from Marrero…And he is gay

  • stoneyisland

    25K huh? K-fed sold better the this, Nas was right, hip-hop is indeed dead. R.I.P

  • EReal

    That Fat Fuck looks like a mini-Manny Fresh. LMFAO.

  • First

    Damn Devin flopped hardcore!!! LOL at Chanel – “It’s official…Ain’t no money in rap’n so all you Jigs can go back to B-ball and slang’n rocks now!” Dayum.

  • outya’ self

    fuck rap the real money in porn!

  • Liquid Liquid

    How u gonna say Devin flopped?? Those 25000 sales he got are all folks that bought all his other three previous albums plus some that just got turned onto him. What yall clowns don’t understand is that its about the music, not the sales. The only way Devin got to go is up, once you listen to his shit you a fan for life……….real talk.



  • lake

    well outya self does have a good point but i heard derfla the hustlas album sold 300k its first week (299k of them were bought by his grandma, and 1k was bought by billblackfish)

  • Whoa

    tha way he livin must be fuked up now LOL

  • Eman

    Correction Crime Nob flopped Devin doesnt have any songs on the rdio ar video Crime Mob does but anyway you could see all these sales coming

  • PoppaHot1

    Don’t even report shit like this. Hip hop is fucked up…

  • Off top boi

    Niggaz alwayz hatin, just accept da fact dat da nigga iz raw!!!

  • Big Chris

    Fuck Baby Boy The Prince. Devin been makin good music. I call his shit grown folks rap. Trust me he could give a fuck about sales. Thats why he dont have no videos or radio play. Cant wait for Lil Wayne to drop. Dirty World 4 Life!!!!!

  • Big Chris

    Fuck both dem niggas

  • N-A

    I tell you what, if I sell 25k of my release independently (that’s retail price of $10 with me bringing home $7 net profit) w/o having to spend a lot on excess promo & marketing…..I’ll be laughin to the bank my first week. Sorry Crime Mob…that’s a pretty big advance that put yall in a hole I’m sure. All those 106 slots yall had in the budget and damn!!!! How many albums did yall sign for? Hoefully they’ll recoup 25% at least off of this album. Peep Ice Cube who is silently creepin up on platinum…plus “Are We Done Yet?” NICCAAAAA WHUT?!

  • Cuban Link

    am I the only one to be surprised that El-P pushed what he did?I mean this got like no hype at all.Great CD too.Lmao @ Devin pushing more than Crime Mob.

  • AzRealAsDeyCum

    Niggaz is so lame and stupid,must be young niggaz.Dont know anything about their own city and before you say anything im born and raised in New Orleans,in the inner city part.Marrero is a part of New Orleans.It’s in Greater New Orleans,which is the suburb parts of New Orleans.It’s not in the inner city.So Baby Boy is from Greater New Orleans which Marrero just happens to be a part of!

  • Crml Dee’

    All of ya’ll hatin’ on Baby Boy need to stop. That’s whats wrong with our people now. Did ya’ll not read “Highest Selling Debut Album”. You MOFO’s proly wouldn’t know the proceeds of that money if somebody slapped you with it.
    ~ as for NO Repazenta..I am from Gretna and I spent everyday of my life in the N.O crossing that damn bridge to chill wit’ my friends in da nine. So stop hatin’ on people reppin’ you damn city. Bitch..

  • Queen

    ^^ I Totally agree with the previous two comments—N E Body that graduated from middle school knows–New Orleans isn’t just UPT or da 9th ward-trust 1 thing the westbank is less than 2miles from the UPT-Don’t Sleep ON It(u could get ur wig split there 2!!)But it takes a real lame not to notice that 25k in your 1st week is HUGE!!!Like Baby B Say–”his whip cost more than some of ur houses!!”-He had dat b 4 da album dropped-

    Hatin Won’t Make Ya Rich—Bi+Ch!!

  • gail jones

    that just goes to show you that niggahs is hating around the world the 25k speaks for itself but like they say make sure u don’t miss a day working cause u need to get where babyboy tha prince at.

  • gail jones

    now why n.o. hatin on babyboy tha prince. the westbank is new orleans, didn’t he shoot some of his video (across the water) over there? what? niggah’s mad cause they didn’t get to hang out in the video.