Ying Yang Twins Concert Cancelled Over Fears

ying-yang.jpgA Ying Yang Twins concert scheduled for February 13 in Toledo, Ohio was recently cancelled due to fears of potential disturbances caused by unruly fans. According to the Toledo Blade, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and chief of police Mike Navarre were concerned that intoxicated concertgoers would create problems in the neighborhood surrounding the bar where the event was scheduled to take place. A press release sent out by the mayor’s office on Thursday (February 1) noted that there have been incidents of violence following performances in other cities by the Atlanta based group in the past. According to the release the decision to cancel the event was made by the bar’s management.

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  • http://XXL BG

    Prime example of the beef disparity as a result of Philant getting murdered in Cincy Ohio last year. Ohio cats cant stand ATL niccas.

  • http://almostaexpert.com missile 6

    thats what you call hatin. the club they were supposed to perform at is close to a white suburb. they just didn’t want unruly niggas spilling over into the community. plus its close to the university.

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    Fuckin Toledo, Ohio. Is there even any black folk in that city? Sound like a cracka ass city to me.
    Hatin ass racits.
    FUCK TOLEDO!!!(No Bol & Trannys)

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    Call it ‘racism between the lines’.

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    tru tattoo…thugs cats always feel like dumbin out when it gets crowded…whos the toughest..the realest..the top shotta…well, as far as i know..the 2 most realest cats past away 10 years ago…its like cats these days cant learn history…so they bound to repeat it…stop the violence…hip hop lives as one

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    facts about the ying yang twins:
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    nah, trust me taledo is full of niggers, they’d be able to play there. it’s not racism it’s just taledo is also full of morons as well who probably couldn’t handle themselves, since niggers don’t have self control anyway

  • beastwood211

    naw it ain’t that the city if full of white ppl, or ppl that hate the south…the city is 65% black, and we got nothing but love for muthafuckas from the south…the mayor here is on that bullshit since we had the racial riots about a year an a half ago

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    Can’t fuck with Ohio pimpin

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  • Hurricane Game

    Man Ohio has some real problems at the moment.
    Ray Cash should address this shit on his next album.


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    all you niggas thats saying fuck ying yang twins nigga fuck yall. I got fam from ohio, ohio got love shit the whole midwest got love for the south so thats not why they cancelled that shit. It was on some racist shit. to yall dumb no life fuckers crying about ying yang is no lyricist. if it wasnt no ying yang it would be no club bangers. these dudes are legends of the club bangers. They not trying to be no jay-z or nas. Ohio no just like anyboy else that have a crunk concert the shit is going to get crazy. niggas are going to act a fool. Lil jon probably is responsible for more niggas getting they head bussed than the police. Niggas knew when they play that bia bia sombody bout to get fucked up.

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  • danny

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  • http://hotbloc.com APG

    Maybe they should have the concerts outside in somebody’s back yard, ofcourse until the cops come!

  • wacko G

    ill say it again,FUCK YIN YANG TWINS they are weak.i dont care if you have fam in ohio,ohio may have little bit of violance,but its no chicago..yin yang twins are gay,who cares about there club bangers,there shit is still fucking gay..little jon too,none of them are on shit!!new york,chicago,and la are the 3 biggest and wildest,who gives a mother fuck about yin yang twins and weak ass ohio…the best to come out of ohio was bone,and they fell off and are weak as fuck now too…yall need to quit gripping yin yang twins nuts,you fucking no life lames,fucking wanna be thugs,get off the computer and get out there and be real,not a lame behind the computer that only knows how to talk shit on the comp,i bet yall are little 12 yr old loosers fuck off

  • shaun01

    yo.. Forget Ying Yang.. I’m from Toledo, and of all the acts that come thru my city, these are the last niggaz i’d go see. Ohio’s local artists are shittin on Ying Yang anyways. Fat Al, Ray Cash, Hi Tek, That Dude Jasper… People in Ohio wanna see them, not Ying Yang. Trust Me.

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