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  • matrix

    what’s the real? is it or not

  • Jon

    Dipset suck a dick no homos

  • G-unot

    fuk 5o cam is da shit

  • don-sha


  • don-sha


  • Zee Productions

    peoples check this

    Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal ZeeMix

    Tupac, Biggie, Big L – Deadly Combination ZeeMix

    The Game – One Blood ZeeMix

    Nas – Hope ZeeMix

    Prod. By Zee…Hottest Beats Comin from the UK, and from a 16 year old!
    feel free 2 add the tracks to your profiles.


  • durtyrunner

    GGGGGGGG-Unit. always down wit Ferari F Fifty. Why Do you wanna beef wit Cam. Hov Does not argue wit fools, maybe fif shouldn’t too.

  • Juliano Fat Boi Fresh

    Awww…MAN! Curtis??? lmfao HOW MUCH DID MOBB DEEP SELL?? This shit is just going to be solid ass entertainment watching to Rappers with so much character Goin at each other, I been laughin for tha last half an hour. Honestly I like them both 50′s A genius at song compisition and cam just got incredible swag, so i aint placin no bet.

  • Indoe

    Dipset is garbage. %0 is a sellout but I guess he still got it.

  • Indoe

    Dipset is garbage. 50 is a sellout but I guess he still got it.

  • Duggal99

    man screw 50 cent, east india forever

  • Duggal99

    screw 50 cent, east india forever

  • big juice

    fuck 50 fuck g-unit dipset da real shit.
    birdcall to cam, jim,juelz,jr,rell,zeeky

    harlem 4 life gggggg g-unot

  • Lo$crila

    You guys fail to realize the big picture in life. Alot of people hate on 50 about what he does & his instinct. People say he is a snitch because some lil niggas from his hood hatin. Say he can’t go back to the hood, why? Why should you go back to the hood when you have a new life. As long as he helps his community that cool. See alot of them niggas r homophobic that’s why they don’t have any money. They have imprinted that in their mind,that the streets is all they have, they think someone should help them. Nigga everyone faces struggles in their lives. Just because your in that environment doesn’t mean you have to grow into it. They on video sayn this n that. 50 didnt help us, well look at how you carry yourself. Re-invent yourself for bigger things in life. Hell i wanna be wearing that suite one day. Give yourself a chance instead of always making excuses. Go get a job you lazy ass fuck boys. Owe im cool cause i got this i got that. I got a gak i can do this. That serves them good to think that way. They will never get anywhere.You right money does change you. People who say they don’t want it r crazy. Their lost because their caught in that struggle between this is all you can have. Of course if you get money your gonna change. Eat better, sleep better, drive a better car. You image has to match your bank account. At the sametime your character as a person is gonna change. I respect 50 because you don’t get money to go back to the hood and do the same thing. Turn your money over into something else and make it work for you.Black people r so quick to say they own something. That’s why we can never get over the hump. Your hold outlook in life should be what can i leave behind for my family. My daughter my son. Alot of you niggas comfortable enought with just “getn by”. At the end of the day it’s not worth a damn. You should want it all in life. I bet all the money now 50 can go back to the hood. But he has lived that life so long, he has big memories about so why go back. Life is bigger than bigger on the corner trying to get some street cred. That life isn’t about shit. People try and bring you down as long as you got something they want. They fail to realize is that how you gonna gain something by hating all the time. Let’s just say pray for good in someone elses life for something good to happen in your life. I guess 50 getn had alot of people praying for him ha. LOL! You niggas who let the street bring you down r not real. If that’s how you wanna live do that. You all have no inspirations for anything big in life. God’s play for everyone is to prosper in life. Believe me God already knows what you want, but pray for change in someone elses life.

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