Nas Partners with 310 Motoring for Footwear Line

Nas will partner with 310 Global Brands, the marketing and merchandising arm of 310 Motoring, to release a signature line of footwear called the DISCIPLE Footwear Collection by 310. The rapper will have a hands on role in designing the line, which takes its name from his album Street’s Disciple, and is expected to be in stores by June 2007. “310 is not based on a one-size-fits-all approach,” Nas said. “It’s about customization, expressing your own personal style and DISCIPLE Footwear Collection by 310 is born out of this same spirit. I’m excited to design styles that respect that we are not all the same—that we’re here to celebrate our diversity, our roots, our history.” The venture marks 310’s second collaboration with a high profile rap artist. In late 2005, they launched The Hurricane with West Coast rapper The Game.

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  • chirs

    first cu

  • jacquez
  • Jf0x

    haha Nas kicks wonder how much thll go for

  • yung ceasa

    yea dude sold out jus like errybody else

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  • john cochran

    How come somebody gotta be a sellout when they try to get some money? If thats the case then yung ceasa, when you finally move outta ya moms basement we’ll call you a sellout.

  • thecoolguy

    i seen the kicks theyr pretty nice i’d buy em haha big up to nas for getting money but still not doing it in a way that makes him seem like a sellout

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  • Whoa


  • Pakman

    Does anyone know where to find a pic of these shoes? I hope they’re not as ugly as the Hurricanes

  • Hurricane Game

    Da Hurricane were dope. Fuck Haters. These will be Gully too.

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  • ny till da end

    how the fuck he a sellout? he trying to get that paper like every1… im guessing game,em,50,jay,etc
    are sellouts right plz stfu ..

  • CREEPA 101

    fuck NAS i wont buy any of his shit even if it was 75% off at a yard sale!

  • blackheartT2

    I guess common sense is a sellout cause he has his own brand of hats comming out this summer, and mos def is selling out cause he does movies, as a matter of fact his movie career is more successful than his music career, Talib kweli is a sellout cause of his Blacksmith Label he’s trying bringout, or better yet the father of hip hop Kool Herk is a sell out cause the hip hop line, Sedwick Ave clothes which by the way are tight. Listen Nas wants to come out with shoes that cool. You might want to say he’s a hustler. Like all these other dude’s trying to be, but a sellout, never that man. He ain’t doing coors light commercials, he ain’t doing commercials. please the man is eating. He ain’t trying to win the greatest hustler award either. get off the man nuts and let him sell some shoes.

  • blackheartT2

    Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Kanye West, Ice Cube, and the founder of Hip Hop Kool Herk must all be sellouts, cause they either sell clothes, act in movies, or own record labels, All Nas is doing is selling some shoes that have a deeper meaning behind them. Get off this man’s nuts. You people hold him to an unrealistic level of hip hop. Nas is still hip hop.

  • EReal

    He was on 106 talkin bout,… “well everyone else is doin it.” LOL
    Nas, Nas, Nas, if everyone else was killin hiphop, would you try to kill it too? Apparently so.
    Naw, his kicks looked pretty dope from what I saw. I liked the black n gold joints.
    But fosho, Nas needs a late pass on this one.

    1 hunned.

  • Equanimity

    Get off this man’s back. He needs to eat, so let him get his money. What more do you want from this man? Is it cool to be broke and on “block” slinging? That’s whats hot now?

    Get the f-out here.


    First niggas say Nas been in the game since ’94 and he still aint got 100 million dollars. Then when he makes business moves you call him a sellout. Yall niggas is crazy. Thats why Nas said he didnt take the job as president of Atlantic Records cause most rappers have that same slave mentality and he didn’t want to deal with it.

    Anyway I saw the kicks on 106 and Park and I was checkin them before he mentioned they were his. They kinda look like some Air Max. I can say they look better than the Hurricanes and them G Unit shits

  • derfla the hus’la

    everyone who downloads is a sell out and that includes me, hey mom Iam sell out……..nway I respect any black man who gets he’s legall money and still stays true to himself.

  • Prophecy_Projectz

    I’ll pick up a black pair and some black S. Carters too

  • mike

    how can someone question nas as a sellout in an age when jim jones has the number one single and camron and 50 cent’s beef is the number one news topic

    1)fck dipset, jim jones has no talent and camron lost all his
    2) fck gunit…just cause
    3) fck y’all

  • Real Shit

    Ya’ll go to be crazy. A sell-out is someone who compromises his culture for the money. Nas aint compromising shit, he’s adding onto the culture. Smart Move in my opinion and if they take off then he can expand his brand.

    Looks like Nas is finally at that point where he understands the business a little more and he is ready to brand himself

  • Sin-cere

    Well from the article Nas is clearly involed in the making of the design and this shows a great business move for Nas and 310. Most artist just get their name added to the shoe and have no cretive control of the urban market flavor… I think the shoe is dope (from wat I can see) and if the shoe is hott… Everyone in the street will have a pair.. More Money, More Haters! Smarten up people! Get money (without selling urself short)! Nas has creative control which is always what he wants..

  • jlrgman

    when a man trys to better himself he is a sellout. the world has a big misconception. that’s what’s wrong with the youth today. We need to smarten and make that legal money instead of doing what the white man want us to do, making that illegal money. Peace

  • da_realting

    truthfully son should have been on some shit like this. one of the greatest of all times nas should have his own label and team from long time ago

  • da_realting

    this world is all bout that green dollar what is a sell out?








    holla at me wit ur thoughts..

  • Jersey Boy

    I support my boy Nas !!! YALL NIGGAS HATIN

  • killertee

    yo Nas is jus trying 2 get his money right jus like dem our rappers get yo money get yo money

  • DRE

    all these niggas sayin Nas is a sellout are the same people ridin lil waynes dick….i guess yall better get ready to call him a sellout too cuz he has a clothing line comin out.

  • Tragic

    Yung CEASA,
    your on XXL typing a message, which means your not stacking paper like Nas, let him make his green, hes one of the best rappers of this time, matter of fact, he is the best of the 2000′s, and on the same level as Pac but lyrically better then Pac.

    CREEPA 101,
    Your probably one of those kids who listens to that snap music, Lil Wayne and crunk stuff, your little mind is unable to understand real hiphop, and if you do understand it, then you would buy Nas’s stuff. Keep dancing kid.

    Lets get it straight here, Nas would eat Wayne, or any of the south rappers with ease.