black-hand-logo.jpgBlack Hand Entertainment, home of New York rappers Grafh and Prinz, have embarked on a tour of prisons across the country in an effort to reduce black on black gang and jailhouse violence. Most recently, Black Hand CEO Chaz “Slim” Williams appeared at the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex in Coleman, FL as part of the "Black Block History" program conceived by Tupac’s stepfather Mutulu Shakur. The visit included workshops for inmates and featured a performance from Ja-Rule. Actor Charles Dutton, of the sitcom Roc, also made an appearance at a medium security prison in the Coleman Complex. Other goals of the program include aiding in the elimination of the black prison revolving door syndrome, promoting education, garnering legal support against excessive sentencing, and bringing a code back to the street. The tour is scheduled to stop at Rikers Island, Sing Sing and Arizona State Penitentiary in March.