remy_ma.jpgRemy Ma recently confirmed that she is in the process of shopping a reality TV show based on her life. The Bronx born rapper told that she is putting the finishing touches on the show and is currently in talks with a major cable network to air the program before the end of the year. "Being that we going through contracts, we can't really talk about it, but it's gonna be real fun," said Remy. "They follow me around, and there are things that happen to me along the way. But nothing too extra; I still wanted to have some piece of privacy so people don't know everything." Remy, who is officially a free agent following her split with the Terror Squad, is also working on the debut album from her newly formed group 3Some, which also includes Miami native Jacki-O and DTP’s Shawnna. Remy’s sophomore solo LP, entitled PunishHer in a nod to her late mentor Big Pun, is also due out this year.