crime-mob.jpgThe defense attorney for a Virginia teenager convicted of fatally stabbing another young man placed some of the blame for the incident on lyrics from Atlanta group Crime Mob’s record “Knuck If You Buck.” Defendant Marvin M. Parker, 18, was sentenced to 30 years in prison on Tuesday (Jan. 9) for the second-degree murder of Baron P. Braswell II, who was killed when a fight broke out at a party on Jan. 20, 2006. Parker’s attorney, Charles C. Cosby, stated that a “witches’ brew” of a fight in progress, testosterone, youthful impulsiveness and the playing of the song combined to set the stage for the incident. Prosecutor William F. Neely and the victim’s father admitted that the song may have been a factor but maintained that people should be responsible for their own actions. According to authorities, Braswell fell down during the scuffle and was kicked and stomped. When police questioned Parker, he claimed that he pulled out a knife after becoming startled and Braswell accidentally fell or jumped on it, inflicting his own wounds. Crime Mob have previously declined to comment on the case.