Jermaine Dupri in Negotiations With Island Def Jam

Jermaine Dupri is reportedly in negotiations with Universal Music Group to assume an as of yet unspecified position at Island Def Jam. According to the New York Post, several unnamed music industry executives have confirmed that Dupri is being courted for a position at the label and that current talks center on what exactly his role would be. If Dupri accepts the position he will once again report to Island Def Jam Chairman and legendary record executive L.A. Reid, who was headed up Arista Records back when Dupri brought his So So Def imprint to the company back in 2003. Dupri resigned from his post as Head of Urban Music at Virgin Records in October of 2006 following the lackluster chart performance of Janet Jackson’s most recent album 20 Y.O., which he executive produced.

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  • Pete Lastname

    Holla. Go, Jermaine Dupri.

  • jacquez

    yea that might work so he can get his swager back JD and Dre r the best n the game

  • derfla the hus’la

    this midget needs to step up he’s the reason hiphop is dead bringing us frenchize boys, chingy and half assed artists fuck this dude

  • Atl’s own

    congrats JD keep bringin’ da world dat fie muzik!

  • EKK

    JD is wack, im wit DERFLA THE HUS’La, this nigga is str8 pussy, fukk the Franchise Bitches, and fukk all the rest of the south….yall use the same snap shit ass beats over and over again, and you lack originality.

  • thththt

    jay-z and jd at one company?can we say hits?

    think of all the hit singles that are gonna come outta this.

  • Hurricane Game

    derfla the hus’la Says:

    January 25th, 2007 at 7:44 pm
    this midget needs to step up he’s the reason hiphop is dead bringing us frenchize boys, chingy and half assed artists fuck this dude
    Fuck this homo.
    FUCK JD!!!!

  • OG Frank

    He’s gay. How many good artists did he come out with? DFB?
    Chingy was good until jackpot,powerballin’ had just 2 or 3 songs that were worth listening to

  • general_jeff_hood

    no comment at all og frank and other niggas speak truth latelythe guys he bringing out …need i say more

  • str8 out da N.O.

    fuck yall east coast dudes, New york and the whole east coast is fucking dead. Much love to JD in whatever moves ya make. You making that money fuck them broke ass haters. Word to the wise though JD dont sign no nigga out the east. Point blank you wont sell. O I take that back the new cats in the east go hard. saigon and pap them niggas. but them bitches in new york rather support nas old ass or wu tang. them bitches is history. Ill check for them in the histor books. yall say fuck the south but you wont say that shit down here. E.ast cant fuck with the south