In a report contrary to Foxy Brown’s assertion that a review from her probation officer was “excellent,” it has been revealed that the Brooklyn-bred rapper argued with an employee at her Brooklyn anger-management counseling facility. According to the New York Post, probation officials testified in court yesterday (Jan. 17) that Brown was thrown out of the program for threatening to physically abuse a staff member during a dispute over payment. Despite the allegations, Judge Melissa Jackson sided with Fox after it was revealed that the staff member involved had requested a questionable cash payment from the Ill Na Na for $180. The MC had previously been told that the sessions would cost only $30. Foxy’s attorney, John Sampson, told Judge Jackson that he spoke to his client on the phone while the argument was occurring and he could hear the staff member in question berating Foxy. Judge Jackson agreed to allow Fox Boogie to attend private anger-management courses going forward and declined a request from a probation attorney to hold a hearing for the purpose of determining whether the rapper should be thrown in jail.