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  • jay is ova

    1rst BITCHES..
    since the first one is the one ppl read message from lemme say somthing important
    SICKAMORE ..U A FUCKING..if u c me in the street run..bitch

  • big will

    jay-z need to step his ryhming skills up and stop with the garbage he throws anything out there and people will eat it up because the average consumer of hip-hop do know any better.

  • big will


  • WestLife

    J aint even rap, his sound is more like that cookie cutter, teenie bopper, bull shit. he is the verbal equivalent to artists like Pink and the Simpson sisters. Even S dot sold his soul. Nas is the last real rapper alive.

  • X-Ray

    man this is hot great job hov keep doing your thing man holla back at ya boy

  • S-Large
  • Drew Parker

    Simple and plain. I’ve always been a real Nas fan. Jay-z is playing the game of capitolism on a whole new level, it’s the American way. I love where he is in that he might say something that we as a people can pick up on and follow the blue print to success. Nas and Jay the best of both worlds. Black people rise together or we’ll fall apart!