ludacris1.jpgChris "Ludacris" Bridges will be joining Vince Vaughn and Oscar winner Kevin Spacey in an upcoming holiday-themed film titled Fred Claus, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The film revolves around Vaughn, who plays Santa Claus’ less fortunate brother who travels to the North Pole and nearly ruins Christmas. The Atlanta rapper—whose sixth LP, Release Therapy, is currently the #1 album in the country—will play an angry elf. Fred Claus will be directed by Dave Dobkin, the man behind the smash comedy Wedding Crashers, which also starred Vaughn. Ludacris received a SAG Award last year for his role in the film Crash, and also appeared in the John Singleton–produced film Hustle and Flow as well as TV's Law and Order: SVU. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the rapper also contributed his voice to Aaron McGruder's The Boondocks, which airs on the Cartoon Network.