Ludacris Joins Vince Vaughn in Holiday Movie

ludacris1.jpgChris “Ludacris” Bridges will be joining Vince Vaughn and Oscar winner Kevin Spacey in an upcoming holiday-themed film titled Fred Claus, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The film revolves around Vaughn, who plays Santa Claus’ less fortunate brother who travels to the North Pole and nearly ruins Christmas. The Atlanta rapper—whose sixth LP, Release Therapy, is currently the #1 album in the country—will play an angry elf. Fred Claus will be directed by Dave Dobkin, the man behind the smash comedy Wedding Crashers, which also starred Vaughn. Ludacris received a SAG Award last year for his role in the film Crash, and also appeared in the John Singleton–produced film Hustle and Flow as well as TV’s Law and Order: SVU. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the rapper also contributed his voice to Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks, which airs on the Cartoon Network.

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  • http://hood Ctownrepresent

    luda doin it big as always



  • jordan-philly

    get that Dough-Boy!

  • 420PURP


  • myspace/3ndles3records

    get your money on homie.

  • sATaLyte

    Angry elf = Typecast

  • bizz

    chris is my nigga and the best rapper minus hov but if he cut his hair to be in a movie thats some sell out shit after crash he shouldnt have to copromise stay hood 1

  • jon-jon 23

    He will end his rap career with this film.

  • H-MAN

    Saaaaay girrrrrl, if ya give me tha green light, I promise I wont stop… can I hitt it cauze uzz hot?, drop it deep til I hit tha G- spot, mouth left wet from tha way she talkz…Saaaaay Girrrrrl, Im tha man from tha SW 2 Japan, runnin HittMannz Breedin Pittz, One kiss from those lipz would B like tha sun on my heart 2006…Saaaaay Girrrrl, Ya first on my list, gimmie sum luv, I know U like fight club, HOLLA, I can bring fantacy 2 reality…Id do that there!!!…Id do that there!!!

  • H-MAN

    Grab an unbrella, I make it rain???OOOO hahaha

  • moneymaker

    quit hatin, dude’s tryin to keep it original. while people like jamie fox can bite ray singin, but nobody calls him out and i’ve seen him play some fucked up role’s. i remember when bitin someone’s style made u the sucka just cuz u play a character that means u can bite his singing? LUdacris has been nothin but original so fuck u haters that say u love hip hop just b glad ther is somethin somewhat fresh from the same ol’ shit>

  • copy and paste!!

    its all for da paycheck!
    do yo thang luda

  • NYC

    Vince Vaughn is a funny dude… Luda is just gettin paid so you can;t be mad @ that.

  • AzA

    I LOVE YOU LUDA!!!!! You Ma Dawg G… Respect To The ATL!!!


  • darjon

    ill go ahead and say it if everyone is so pussy to
    ludacris a bitch ass clown nigga
    who will never get respect lyrically and he needs to retire and just act

  • 317

    Fuck you darjon

  • MAC

    we’ll just let the haters talk and actually luda will difinitely get his respect because if u go 2 they have him as the number 1 top emcee for the next generation and thats wut he deserves cuz he is lyrical, consistent, and he sells records so please go head and hate cuz u’ll just look dumb …ppl r laughin at ur cuz u guys r the real clowns … tisk tisk

  • Knowledge Speaks

    Luda an elf? Lets just hope this isn’t some corny ass movie.

  • Big Chops

    Last again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….LOL

  • joe crak

    Luva-Luva, movie dough always better than music dough, esp. now a days. but then again you are a CEO, own your own pub., and always sell a couple of million. Fuck it Luda, keep doin’ you and het that money. I feel like Slappin’ someone. LOL!

  • Big Chops

    DAMN, THE KID IS BACK, AND OH YEAH………..LAST. H-A H-A H-A!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Tha Flow Of Time

    First of all, no1 who’s heard tha song Runaway Love can say Luda isn’t lyrical. Real talk, that song is deep. And, big props to the man, gettin a SAG Award? that shit is crazy.

  • rachael

    can’t wait for it